This Airline’s SHOCKING Racism Has Stunned the World

This American Airlines passenger accused the company of racism, saying she was not allowed free overnight accommodation when her flight was delayed even though a white family was offered a free hotel for the night on the same flight. Sharing a Disturbing Encounter The passenger, Santana (, took to TikTok to share her disturbing experience, … Read more

Eric Trump’s Claim That His Family Was the First Ever Not to Profit off the Presidency Had Twitter Users Laughing Until Their Lungs Gave Out

Former President Trump’s Son Eric Trump has insisted that the family didn’t enrich themselves from his father’s presidency in response to recent allegations. A Daring Denial Former President Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, made a shocking assertion, denying allegations of enriching the family during their White House tenure. A Helping Hand? Eric Trump admitted to … Read more

Teachers Are Helping Kids Change Their Gender at School – But Sometimes the Parents Don’t Know What’s Going On

A teacher from California who identifies as non-binary has openly admitted on TikTok to letting kids switch genders in the classroom. The controversial part? The parents don’t have a clue! Teacher Causes Controversy Olivia Garrison, a teacher, revealed she’s been helping students change their gender without telling their parents.  Protecting Kids From Their Parents Garrison, … Read more

This Mom’s INSANE Battle With Cancer Taught Her an Important Lesson

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A Mormon University Just Said NO to LGBT Students on Their Campus

Brigham Young University removed its harsh stance on gay rights within its confide, only for it to be completely reinstated just a few months later, much to the dismay of its LGBTQ alumni. BYU Reverses LGBTQ Affection Policy Brigham Young University has reintroduced a ban on public affection among LGBTQ students, stirring a storm of … Read more

“No One Wants to See That, the Wounded” – Trump’s DISGRACEFUL Put Down of a Legless War Hero Shows His True Beliefs About Veterans

A former US Army general has revealed the repulsive words that former president Donald Trump uttered when a wounded war veteran was invited to sing on stage at a welcoming ceremony. Explosive Revelation General Mark Milley, the retiring Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, revealed a disturbing conversation with former President Donald Trump. Milley’s Overshadowed Farewell … Read more