Hunter Biden’s Gun Charges Could Be the End of Him…but a Second Amendment Battle Is Already Brewing

Recent legal battles have questioned the constitutionality of federal gun laws, raising concerns about the Second Amendment and individual rights. One high-profile case involves the son of President Joe Biden, who is facing possession of an illegal firearm charge, putting the President in a difficult position as he simultaneously advocates for stricter gun laws. The … Read more

Gender Transition Is Being Banned in Many US States. Here Are the Details

More states are applying restrictions to minors who are seeking gender-affirming care. Here’s the story.  The Survey A recent survey conducted by The Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation revealed that 78% of transgender adults in the United States feel more satisfied with their lives after living with a gender different from their assigned birth … Read more

The Supreme Court’s Last Liberal Justices Aren’t Getting Any Younger – Is a Conservative Wipeout on the Horizon for America’s Highest Bench?

With only three liberal justices out of nine currently serving on the Supreme Court, Democrats face a significant challenge. The age of these liberal justices is a growing concern for Democrats, as it could potentially tip the court’s balance in favor of conservatives.  Republican Appointees The Supreme Court is predominantly influenced by justices appointed by … Read more

These African American Churches Are FIGHTING for Academic Freedom – One Lesson at a Time

A new initiative by Friendship Missionary Baptist Church is part of a growing movement among over 200 predominantly Black churches in Florida to educate their congregations on Black history. They are taking this step due to concerns about the restricted and “watered-down” versions of Black history taught in schools under the state’s new policies.  A … Read more

A New Strain of Avian Flu Is Ravaging the Planet…and Scientists Are More Worried Now Than Ever

COVID-19 is not the only viral threat facing the world. A new threat has slowly gained steam with another significant viral threat – avian flu, specifically the H5N1 strain. This virus has not only impacted domesticated birds. It has spread its reach to wild species, and scientists are increasingly concerned about its implications. Avian Flu’s … Read more

Georgia’s Election Interference Trial Is Moving Quickly – Here’s What You Need to Know

In Donald Trump’s Georgia election interference case, Judge Scott McAfee recently made the decision to sever the trial, separating 17 defendants from the cases of Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney Powell, with their trial scheduled for October 23. Ensuring the Right to Due Process In the order to sever the remaining cases from Chesebro and Powell, … Read more

The GOP’s War Against Gender Transition Is in Full Swing. Here’s a State-by-State Breakdown

Many individuals have embraced gender-affirming care, which includes various medical treatments and procedures to align with their gender identity. However, the landscape for gender-affirming care has become increasingly controversial as several states have moved to restrict these options, particularly for minors. Gender-Affirming Care Explained Gender-affirming care is defined by the Human Rights Campaign as medically … Read more