Native Americans Are Threatening a NATIONAL BOYCOTT Unless an NFL Team Changes Its Name. But the Details May Surprise You…

A Native American group threatened a national boycott of the Washington Commanders unless the NFL changes the name back to the Washington Redskins. Here’s the full story.  Change Their Name Back to ‘The Redskins’ The Native American Guardians Association (NAGA) wrote in a tweet that they sent a letter to the leaders of the Washington … Read more

Is Chicago’s Latest Tax Increase Going to Doom the Housing Market, or Help the Homeless? Here’s What You Need to Know

Property buyers in the Windy City could be hit with a new tax increase when they purchase properties over $1 million. Here’s the whole story.  Tax Increase to Benefit the Homeless In Chicago, the “Bring Chicago Home” plan originally suggested the real estate transfer tax increase from 0.75% to 2.65% only for property purchases over … Read more

“Marriage Is a Prison” – Today’s Kids Aren’t Getting Married. These Are the Reasons Why

Marriage expectations are changing among Generation Z and Millenials. In a survey done by the Thriving Center of Psychology, two out of five people said marriage is an outdated tradition and is not necessary for a fulfilling and committed relationship.  Getting Married Is Less Prevalent Today The dream to get married, buy a house, and … Read more

The New Mexico Governor Has BANNED Guns in a 30-Day Order Set to Shake Up the Justice System

New Mexico’s governor is tired of gun violence killing innocent children in her state. Hence, she implemented a 30-day emergency order that bans citizens from carrying guns in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County. Here’s the whole story.  Emergency Order Issued The governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham, issued an emergency order suspending citizens’ right to … Read more

“Retire and Go Away” – Pelosi Announces Bid for 19th Term Amid Growing Criticism of Aging Senate Leadership

Nancy Pelosi announced that she is running for reelection for her 19th term in office. Critics continue to raise questions about term limits, as well as age limits, in office. Here’s the full story.  Pelosi Is Running for Reelection At 83-years-old Nancy Pelosi has represented San Francisco in Congress for over 35 years. She recently … Read more

Trans-Fluid Teacher’s Drastic Transformation Shocks School, Ditches Z-Cup Breasts, and Causes Chaos, Needing a Police Escort to School

Parents say a transgender teacher in Canada is causing “chaos” over a change in appearance for the new school year. Here’s the full story.  Rare Condition Kayla Lemieux is a teacher in Canada who claimed to suffer from a “rare condition” called gigantomastia, which “involves developing extremely large breasts.” According to the Cleveland Clinic, this … Read more

Biden’s Risky Ransom – Is Trading Billions for American Lives a Dangerous Precedent?

Republicans called out Biden about making a deal with Iran over freeing US citizens and releasing billions of dollars to Iran.  Biden’s Dubious Deal President Biden reached a deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran to free five imprisoned United States citizens in exchange for freeing convicted Iranian criminals and unfreezing nearly $6 billion of … Read more