You Won’t Believe What Happened When a Woman Accused a Taxi Driver of Racism

A woman from London who has Vietnmanese heritage has received backlash for her video that recently went viral on TikTok. In the video she accused her taxi driver – who himself is an immigrant – racially abusing her by asking her where she is from and making stereotypical comments about Asian people. 

She Was Spitting Fire

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An influencer, Nguyen Yeats-Brown, known as itsgnochgnoch on TikTok, shared a video of a confrontation with a taxi driver, accusing him of making “offensive” remarks during their journey.

In the video, Yeats-Brown, a London resident, can be seen asking the driver to drop her off “anywhere” because she no longer felt “comfortable” in his car. 

She Says He’s Racist

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She claimed that the driver had offended her by asking about her nationality and making inappropriate comments. 

She told him, “What you said to me was quite offensive, about how you were trying to guess where I’m from because you think we all look the same. And then you said, ‘Oh, I couldn’t tell where you were from because you look a little bit different.’ That’s very racist.” 

He Begged for Forgiveness

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In the video’s caption, she mentioned that she had informed the driver that she was from Vietnam, to which he responded, “My girlfriend is Chinese, so I try to guess where people are from because they all look the same to me.”

The driver, who was audibly not a native Brit, immediately apologised profusely, explaining that his English was not perfect and expressing his love for Asian people, whom he described as polite and kind. 

His Apology Fell on Deaf Ears

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Yeats-Brown interjected, highlighting the difference between loving Asian people and making generalisations about their appearance. 

Despite the driver’s apologies and pleas for forgiveness, Yeats-Brown remained upset and distressed.

An Explosion of Backlash 

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The Londoner captioned her video with the statement, “This morning I experienced racism…” 

Instead of receiving the sympathy and support she may have anticipated, she faced widespread condemnation on social media.

One user reposted the video on TikTok, accusing Yeats-Brown of “bullying a kind-hearted, immigrant taxi driver who meant no harm.” 

Labelled as a “Snowflake”

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Another creator, Massive Asif, reposted the video labelling Yeats-Brown a “snowflake”.

While some users empathised with Yeats-Brown, others criticised her for publicly sharing the incident. 

She Admitted She Was Wrong

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Yeats-Brown eventually removed the video from her page and posted a now-deleted response to the backlash, expressing regret for how the situation unfolded and acknowledging the need for further education and understanding.

In her statement, she clarified that she never identified the driver or reported him to his employer, ensuring he wouldn’t face any negative consequences. 

Yeats-Brown pleaded for respect and understanding, emphasising that she is human and made a mistake.

She Shouldn’t Have Berated Him

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In the comments to the video, that has now been reposted by xyzabc6603, users show their support to the taxi driver with one suggesting, “Thanks to her he’s probably so scared now to start a simple conversation when he’s working.”

Another was pleading for her to forgive the taxi driver, “He apologised so many times.”

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