Worker Left the Workplace on Time, but Boss Is Furious Because of It

A Reddit user wrote about a situation at his work regarding a fellow co-worker leaving on time and the supervisor being upset about it.

Working the Night Shift

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OP worked the night shift at a medical laboratory network testing site.

The shift was typically busy, as the specimens were collected during the day and delivered to the testing site by couriers starting in the evening and continuing throughout the night.

Finishing at 7 AM

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OP’s shift ended at 7 AM when the day staff would arrive to take over the analyzers.

The night shift supervisor instructed OP to leave any couriered shipments that arrived after 6 AM for the day shift to handle, because OP needed to perform end-run quality control on the analyzers, clean them, and file paperwork at 6 AM.

There was no time to start running a late batch of specimens, and overtime wouldn’t be given for staying late to do so.

Day Shift Feeling Snubbed by the Night Shift Workers

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However, OP explained that the day shift supervisor, Linda, didn’t like it when the samples were left for the day staff to process.

She instructed OP that they needed to be more efficient during the night shift and get them all done.

The next day, OP wasn’t working, and the night shift was covered by their co-worker, Sam.

She Told Him to Get All the Work Done

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Linda came in at half-past six, right when a large batch of late specimens was being dropped off. She told Sam that he still had to process them all before he left at 7 am.

Sam didn’t argue and loaded the specimens on the analyzers. And then, at exactly 7 am, he quietly went home.

Chaos in the Lab

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Initially, the day shift didn’t realize that Sam had left because they were busy at the beginning of their shift.

However, as the analyzers started producing results and highlighting problematic specimens, they began searching for Sam.

Furious Boss

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There was confusion about his whereabouts and whether he had informed anyone before leaving. Additionally, there were questions about the paperwork and what needed to be done next.

The situation caused more work than if the day shift had taken over from the start. OP states that Linda hated Sam after that, but she never again told him to process late specimens.

He Was Completely in the Right

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Reddit users praised Sam for doing his own work and sticking to leaving on time since the night instructor had told them to leave the work for the day shift.

Users began to write slogans about him, saying “Be Like Sam” when it comes to thinking about work and how they handle all their responsibilities and conflicting communication, especially when overtime is not going to be approved.

Everyone’s Got Their Own Story

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One commenter had a similar story to Sam. They wrote about their job as a machinist and were given a tight deadline by their supervisor for a project.

After examining the project, the commenter concluded that it was impossible to complete it within the given deadline.

The supervisor, however, did not believe him and insisted that they work toward the original deadline.

The commenter continued to work on the project but left for his vacation on the first day of July, as previously planned. The project was delayed and finished in mid-September.

The commenter believes that if the supervisor had listened to him, the project could have been completed without any problems.

Some Disagree with His Actions

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However, other users did not think Sam did the right thing and instead should have communicated that they needed to leave to ensure the work was going to get done correctly.

One user wrote that the medical setting involves a lot of paperwork, such as recording sample batches, processing time, test results, and signatures.

Sam’s actions need to be tracked, and if he does not follow the proper procedure, it could result in issues.

Accountability, consistency, and traceability are crucial in the medical field, and interruptions in the process can lead to difficulties in dealing with the fallout.

What do you think? Was Sam in the wrong for leaving on time? What would you have done?

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