These Women Shared Their Horrifying Uber Driver Stories and Gave Life-Saving Advice

This viral Twitter thread includes some spine-tingling stories from women who have had nightmare scenarios while getting in a taxi, including driving down dark alleys and even turning up to the girl’s work! One user also added a potentially life-saving hack that every girl should know about. Keep reading to find out more!

Their Horrific Stories Went Viral

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Twitter is buzzing with jaw-dropping stories that shed light on the safety of women when using companies like Uber and Lyft.

A Bone-Chilling Encounter

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@sighjunwa, in a tweet recounts her encounter.

It all started when an Uber driver, who had given her a ride to work several weeks ago, unexpectedly appeared at her workplace.

Oh My God!

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To her surprise, the driver knew her name and was granted direct access to her location. 

A Shocking Chain of Taxi Terror

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This sparked a chain of similar shocking stories including one from @sparkyblackgurl who talks about her trip to California.

Things Took a Sinister Turn

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During a trip to the scenic Napa Valley, things took a sinister turn. 

Her driver started an eerie conversation that sent shivers down her spine, before deciding to take a detour through unfamiliar, dark backroads. 

Escaping a Traumatic Incident

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Although she eventually made it back to her resort unscathed, the terrifying experience left a mark.

Life-Saving Hack Is Revealed

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If you ever find yourself trapped in the backseat of a vehicle, simply pull down the middle seat armrest and make your way into the trunk. 

According to @captuncatholic there’s a latch inside the trunk that can be used to escape in emergencies such as fires or other life-threatening situations. 

We Need Better Security

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The need for enhanced security measures and strict regulations has never been more apparent.

He Was Named After a God

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Recently, a Reddit user shared a story where he legally changed his name, and as a result, his father threatened him. Here’s the full story. His Father Gave Him a Name That Resulted in Him Being Bullied, He Legally Changed It, and Now His Father Is Demanding He Change It Back

He’s a Family Man

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Reddit has again provided a source of entertaining reading. Recently on a subthread, a happily married man told the story about a recent visit to the gym. He Went to the Gym for a Work-Out and Took off His Wedding Ring, She Saw Him, Assumed He Fancied Her and Has a Meltdown

Trashy Habits

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In a neighborhood plagued by inconsiderate neighbors, one woman took matters into her own hands – or rather, paws. Her Neighbors Were Abusive to Her Dog, so She Decided to Give Them a Taste of His Fur!

Bucky’s Parking Predicament

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In this encounter, Bucky, a veteran visiting a hardware store, finds himself in a parking dispute with a self-proclaimed Captain America. Let’s find out how this entertaining showdown unfolds in the battle for parking supremacy. A Guy Tried to Shame This Veteran Out of His Parking Space, so He Got Some Revenge

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