Woman’s 15-Year Quest for Revenge Culminates in Unexpected Romantic Turmoil

After her friend was disrespected, a woman spends 15 years taking down the man who wronged her while destroying his engagement.

Petty Power of Persistence

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In the age of instant gratification and short-lived disputes, Linda Solley Hurd’s epic tale of a 15-year grudge stands as a testament to the power of persistence and patience. 

The Oddly Impressive Grudge

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Her extraordinary saga, which began with a chair-tipping incident at a comedy show, led her down a winding path of revenge, culminating in a twist that left the internet both stunned and oddly impressed.

How the Story Began

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The story begins 15 years ago when Linda Hurd was enjoying a comedy show with her college friends. In an accidental but innocent act, one of her friends knocked over a chair, causing the man seated behind them to drench himself with his drink. 

The Incident

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What followed was a disproportionate display of profanity and even spitting at Hurd’s friend.

Moving on… for Now

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But rather than escalating the situation, they chose to let it pass and continued with their lives. Little did they know that this seemingly trivial event would sow the seeds of a long-lasting grudge.

The Facebook Find

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Years later, Hurd stumbled upon the culprit’s profile on Facebook and discovered his love for TV series like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. 

Revenge in the Age of Spoilers

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Recognizing an opportunity, she embarked on a mission to sabotage his viewing pleasure. In the era of episodic television, where spoilers were a cardinal sin, Hurd found her weapon.

Scouring for Spoilers

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She scoured the internet for spoilers of these shows and created fake Facebook accounts to inundate him with weekly spoilers.

His attempts to block her accounts only fueled her determination, leading to an onslaught of more spoilers for all his favorite shows. 

The College Connection

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The feud entered a new phase when Hurd found herself in the same college class as her long-time adversary.

The mere sight of him rekindled her “hatred,” and she resumed her spoiler campaign. But this time, she got creative.

Reddit Ready

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Observing his computer screen during class, she uncovered a crucial clue: his online username.

From there, it was a journey to discover the platforms associated with the alias, ultimately leading her to Reddit. 

A Shocking Discovery

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After eight years of relentless rivalry, Hurd stumbled upon a life-altering revelation: a mutual friend’s engagement to the very man she had loathed for nearly a decade.

This surprising development piqued her curiosity, prompting a return to her old stomping grounds on Reddit.

The Life Changing Lie

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However, what she uncovered this time wasn’t just spoilers; it was something much more sinister.

Hurd found images that the man was passing off as his fiancée. 

Her Duty to Expose Him

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Believing it was her duty to expose the deception, she shared his Reddit profile with the unsuspecting fiancée.

Engagement Called Off

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The consequences were swift and profound as the engagement was called off, and the fiancée eventually married someone else.

Internet Applause for Unparalleled Pettiness

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Linda Hurd’s saga, which she shared on TikTok, has garnered over three million views, and it has sparked a mix of reactions from online spectators. 

Ruining the “Dumb Man’s Life”

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Some applaud her dedication to an incredibly prolonged revenge plot, praising her for “quietly dismantling this dumb man’s life for years.”

She Saved Another Woman With Her Grudge

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For others, Hurd’s patience in carrying out her vendetta was particularly striking.

They noted that her meticulous, spoiler-based revenge ultimately led to a life-changing outcome, saying ““You SAVED her!! And the spoiler idea is soo good and petty lol”.

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