She Refuses to Show Her Husband Any Ultrasound Photos of Their Baby After He Called the Baby Ugly

This woman was seeking advice from Redditors. Her husband called their unborn baby ugly. She’s furious, but is now unsure if she overreacted due to hormones.

The Happy Couple Is Expecting a Child

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This couple is expecting their first child together in three weeks, but the original poster (OP) already has an eight-year-old from a previous relationship.

An Overthinker and No Filter

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OP, who has an overthinking nature and always carefully considers her words before speaking, finds it challenging to deal with her husband’s tendency to blurt out his thoughts without considering their impact on others. 

The Potential of Being on the Spectrum

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She says the husband, age 30, doesn’t seem to understand social cues and tends to be awkward, but he refuses to seek professional help for it.

Their First 4D Ultrasound

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OP recently went for a 4D ultrasound, which clearly revealed the baby’s facial features.

When she shared the images with her husband, she was excited to show him the photos, but he immediately commented the baby was ugly. 

His Comment Infuriated Her

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She became angry, refused to show him any more pictures, and asked him to leave the room. 

She Says Mean Things…Why Can’t He?

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Her husband didn’t understand why his comment upset her, claiming she often called the baby names and said things such as “this little antagonist won’t get out of my ribs,” when she was in pain. 

She’s Standing Her Ground

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OP disagrees, stating his comment was hurtful and insensitive, unlike her comments, which were expressions of frustration.

Could She Be Overreacting? 

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OP admits she might be overreacting due to her pregnancy hormones, and asks if she is the one at fault. 

The Impact of Not Having a Proper Diagnosis

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She also notes her husband might be on the autism spectrum, as both have discussed the possibility, but he has refused to get tested for fear of receiving a diagnosis. 

She’s Hurt Her Husband Would Say That

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Despite some comments suggesting babies are commonly referred to as “ugly,” OP says the husband’s response was inappropriate, and she fears he might say it again when the baby is born.

The Fear This Could Be a Future Problem

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While some may consider his comment normal, OP found it hurtful and fears he might say it again when the baby is born.

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