Wendy’s Gave Her a Sandwich That Would Gross Out Any Customer

Crysten Chyvonn, a TikTok user, recently had an unpleasant experience after ordering a simple chicken sandwich with an extra dollop of mayo. Her simple request turned into an unforgettable nightmare, as she opened a sandwich that was completely drenched in the sauce making it inedible to even the most hungry customer.

You Had One Job

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Chyvonn placed her order at Wendy’s, specifically asking for some extra mayo to enhance her chicken sandwich. 

A Surprising Turn of Events

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When she excitedly unwrapped her meal at home, she was greeted by a sight that was far from what she had expected. 

A Saucy Surprise

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The sandwich was drowning in an overwhelming amount of mayo, and it’s needless to say that she was far from thrilled.

The Explosive TikTok Video That Captivated Millions

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Chyvonn quickly took to TikTok to vent her frustrations and share her harrowing experience with the world in a video that has sparked debate with over 22k comments.

Explaining the Nightmare

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In the video, she recounted how her order had consistently been mishandled by the Wendy’s staff, resulting in several incorrect items. 

Wait For It!

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But it was the moment she lifted the lid of her sandwich that shocked viewers. 

The chicken fillet was almost entirely concealed beneath a sea of mayo.

A Worrying Promise?

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Frustrated and disheartened, she exclaimed, “Now I’m finna drive right back up there and go off on her.” 

TikTok Users Take Sides in the Mayo Mayhem

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The TikTok community was quick to share their opinions, and it’s safe to say that they were sharply divided. 

Some users criticised Chyvonn, “She gave you extra Mayo tho 😂”

Sticking Up for the Saucy Employee

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Others were grossed out by the amount of sauce, “Nahhh I’d be LIVIIIDDD.”

Would Do the Same Thing

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Fast food workers voiced what they would have done, “I work at a fast food restaurant and would do the same exact thing.”

Something She’s Not Told Us?

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Some users thought that there must be something else to the story that we haven’t been told, “Anyone who has worked in fast food knows for a fact that they did this out of spite.”

“Y’all all know that worker did that to be petty,” one argued.

Get Involved!

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Did the wave of mayo gross you out? Maybe you would’ve reacted differently. Let us know in the comments.

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