2022 Best Water Stocks to Buy Now

Water is one of the basic necessities of human life. Life as we know it cannot exist without water. For this simple reason, water may be the most valuable commodity on Earth.

It is only natural for investors to consider purchasing water stocks. There are many different companies that can give investors exposure to the water business, such as water utilities. Some other companies are engaged in water purification.

Water Stock #7: Roper Technologies (ROP)

Roper Technologies is a specialized industrial company that manufactures products such as medical and scientific imaging equipment, pumps, and material analysis equipment.

Roper continues to experience strong software recurring revenue momentum, high levels of demand, record levels of backlog, and favorable market conditions.

Water Stock #6: A.O. Smith (AOS)

A.O. Smith is a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial water heaters, boilers and water treatment products. A.O.

A.O. Smith reported its first quarter earnings results on April 28. The company generated revenues of $980 million during the quarter, which represents an increase of 27% compared to the prior year’s quarter. A.O.

Water Stock #5: Gorman-Rupp Co. (GRC)

Gorman-Rupp began manufacturing pumps and pumping systems back in 1933. Since that time, it has grown into an industry leader with annual sales of about $405 million.