Why You Should Trade Your Dream Job for a Dream Life

We might think we don’t “dream” of labor, but many of us have had a “dream job” — the dream being that we’re doing a job that aligns exactly with what we want to do.

The “dream job” is the job that makes us feel like we have a purpose. It’s what we believe we’re supposed to be doing, even if it means it consumes our lives.

But in 2021, a newer study reported that 93% of Americans aren’t currently pursuing their dream career. Almost 60% are rethinking their career; 1 in 3 are considering leaving their jobs.

Why? The new way of working has turned what many believed were dream jobs into nightmares.

Living to Work vs. Working to Live

For many corporate workers, recent events brought a shift in the physical way they work. Gone were commutes, in-person meetings and 8+ hour days in cubicles.

Remote work didn’t just take away what office workers were used to; for many, it gave them much more. It gave them time with family. It gave them more sleep.

It gave them the ability to be home for dinner; do their laundry in the middle of the day; take a walk around the neighborhood; work from a beach in Hawaii; to have more flexibility and structure in their life.

Living the Dream

Instead of dreaming about what we’re doing for work and what title we’ll have, we think about jobs as a piece of our life.

It’s a world where we get to think less about our jobs as crucial to our identities. Our jobs become less of something that defines us and how others perceive us.

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