He Went to the Gym For a Work-Out and Took Off His Wedding Ring, She Saw Him, Assumed He Fancied Her and Has a Meltdown

Reddit has again provided a source of entertaining reading. Recently on the subthread “Today I F****ed Up” (TIFU), Redditor, B, told the story about a recent visit to the gym.

The Redditor described himself as a family man, and after work, he comes home and helps by putting his kids to bed.

He explained that he hit the gym after they’re asleep, usually around 8.30 pm.

One evening, he was about 25 minutes into the session and had just finished the stationary cycle.

He was sweating heavily (he likes to push himself) and was headed to the gym’s free weight room.

Usually, by this point in the evening, he has the place to himself, allowing him “to grunt and groan in peace.”

That evening was different; he wasn’t alone. There was a lady with her yoga mat and a phone stand – he assumed that she was making a video of herself.

He thought nothing of it and proceeded with his normal routine of bent-over rows. But like he always did, he took off his wedding ring.