Resume Checker Software and the Future of Job Hunting


As the world returns to work, crafting the perfect resume has never been more important.


However, staying ahead of the curve could help you stand out and defeat the bots that are more likely than not going to be reading your resume.


An influx of new websites offering AI-supported resume checking software might become a requirement for anyone wishing to reenter the workforce.

The Great Return

With remote work now a fixture of our society, many Americans are returning to work in a very unique way: from home.

For those without a job, the hunt for work has been made easier by the legitimization of remote work models. Job seekers could apply for work in other states, other time zones, and countries.

Unfortunately, 75% of resumes aren’t even read by a human, so making sure you stand out is more about appealing to the bots which scan your resume rather than a hiring manager or a recruiter.

A piece of software scans most resumes called an applicant tracking system. Since most companies use this software, it was only a matter of time before resume-checking software entered the game.

What Does Resume Checker Software Mean For Me?

According to Exploding Topics, “resume checker” – an online AI-assisted resume appraisal software – has seen a 300% growth in searches. 

Resume checkers are part of the resume software meta trend, and they may become a permanent component of resumes.

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