Post-Graduate Salary: Is Gen Z Expecting Too Much?

Today’s college graduates expect to receive a starting salary at their first job that’s nearly double the actual average entry-level salary

These unrealistic expectations extend to everything from their mid-career prospects to the financial value of their degree.

Those are some of the takeaways from a recent survey conducted by Real Estate Witch, which gathered responses from 1,000 undergraduates pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

A Strong Job Market May Skew Expectations

Today’s job market is booming. Department of Labor data shows job openings are historically high as the nation continues to feel the effects of the Great Resignation.

Wages, too, are rapidly increasing. Labor statistics show wages have shot up by 4.5% since December 2020, the largest spike in 40 years.

A Hot Job Market Has Overheated Expectations

Part of the explanation could be the ease with which many college graduates are getting jobs.

As they enter a job market with many openings, recruiters have been forced to compete for candidates, often sweetening offers with enhanced benefits or salary bumps.

Unrealistic Expectations Varied Wildly by Major, Not by Gender