10 Reasons Why Online Mental Health Therapy Has Grown Over the Last Decade


The entire world had to learn how to go remote in 2020. As COVID-19 spread, businesses were either closed or learning how to safely conduct daily operations for employees and patrons.


With the help of video conferencing and messaging technologies, many service industries were able to pivot online—including mental health care.


To better understand the expansion of remote mental health services and online therapy, Top10.com compiled this analysis with research from across the internet.


Thanks to the widespread adoption of remote video conferencing and online telemedicine platforms.


Continue reading to find 10 reasons online mental health therapy has grown over the last decade.

COVID-19 Spurred the Need for Therapy to Go Remote

The arrival of the coronavirus pandemic forced the entire world to create new routines in order to fit a quarantine lifestyle.

COVID-19 Also Worsened Mental Health for Many

Because of such drastic changes to daily life, the COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on the mental health of millions of Americans.

Mental Illness Rates Have Increased in the Last Decade

The pandemic isn't the only factor that has caused increased mental health problems. Data shows that rates of negative mental health have steadily increased over the last decade.

Demand Has Increased for Mental Health Treatment

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