Ocean Kayaking Adventures: The Ultimate Guide for New Kayakers

With thousands of miles of open waters to explore, jumping straight into ocean kayaking can be tempting.

Plus, how hard can it be, right? You are just paddling in a different body of water. But that’s not the case.

Ocean kayaking is more physically demanding than flat water kayaking.

Plus, you need the right gear to follow safety protocols and re-learn kayaking basics.

This article will provide a detailed guide as you prepare for your first ocean kayaking adventure.

What Is Ocean Kayaking?

As its name implies, ocean kayaking involves paddling across large, open waters.

Unlike lake kayaking, where the surrounding mountains protect you from the wind and the water is relatively calm and flat, you will have to deal with other vessels, waves, tides or currents, and wind on the ocean.

In short, you are more exposed when kayaking in the ocean.

What You’ll Need for Ocean Paddling