Kids Are Anxious About Being Back School

This year marks the fourth school year the pandemic has impacted, and students are anxious about returning.

While many schools throughout the country are returning to pre-pandemic operations, some kids can’t shake what they have been experiencing.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) adjusted their guidelines on August 11, 2022, surrounding social distancing and quarantining while also focusing on reducing severe illness.

With these new guidelines, the CDC no longer suggests staying six feet apart from others.

They also added that contact tracing and regular testing should be limited to high-risk settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, or prisons.

What Kids Are Most Anxious For

“We live in a community where our precautions have always been much higher than the average community member, which has been hard for young kids to understand,” Thompson said.

Since mask mandates are lifted in our school, with no return on the horizon, it’s important to us that our child feel empowered to wear them confidently in spaces where he may be in a tight space, with lots of people, and remove it when he’s less at risk.”

For Some Kids, Returning to School Isn’t So Much About COVID, but School Violence

CEO Kathleen Fletcher of Kitty Baby Love is a mother of three and says she has suffered from anxiety about her kids returning to school. Her son, Jacob, will be entering the fourth grade this coming school year.

“It isn’t the fear of a COVID resurgence that is making him, or indeed me, anxious about returning to school this year, since it seems to most of my fellow moms and me that the worst of COVID is in the review mirror,” Fletcher said.