10 Illegal Things People in the Right Professions Get To Do

Recently a Redditor asked, “What is something that your profession allows you to do that would otherwise be illegal?”

The responses are unbelievable, and some are humorous. So here are the top-voted reactions to the original poster (OP’s) question.

10. Pulling Fire Alarms

Redditor beefstewforyou shared, “I test fire alarm systems, so I pull the pull stations all the time.”

9. Poison People

GeorgeWFrance answered, “Poison people.”

But they left it open-ended for these responses: chemotherapy tech, Oncologist, and marketing, for sure.

8. Drug Sales and Distribution

Ok_Fix5746 answered, “Sell and distribute drugs. Without the Pharmacy, things might get sketchy selling pills on the street, haha.”

User gogomom shared, “My husband has a pharmacist friend, and he has him in his phone as the drug dealer.

7. Handle Incredibly Toxic Materials Without Protection