How to Write a Resume For Any Job + Free Templates

Here is the truth about corporate America: Your resume is your first impression, and putting your best foot forward starts with writing a resume.

Hiring managers routinely flip through hundreds of resumes for every job opening.

What will separate you from other job seekers? And, will it encourage hiring managers to call you in for an interview during your job search?

Most hiring managers only spend less than 10 seconds reviewing resumes. Yours needs to stand out and quickly.

What makes a good resume? Here are some Perfect resume examples.

Crafted especially for the job.

Highlight both soft skills and hard skills.

Are meticulously proof-read and contain no typos.

Are easy to read with bullets, bold and other typography call outs.

How to Write a Resume

Your job search begins with your professional resume. It is an essential step in applying for a job, so you need to invest the time to create a resume that will make you stand out from the other applicants.