10 Harsh Realities That Everyone in Gen Z Needs To Hear For 2023

Life isn’t easy, and people inevitably learn many lessons.

For example, recently, someone asked, “What’s a harsh reality that everybody needs to hear?” Many of them are life lessons. So here are the top-voted responses.

1. Disabilities Happen

The number one voted response read, “You can become disabled unexpectedly at any point in your life.

Make sure you take advantage of your abilities while you have them.”

2. People Will Hurt You Without a Care

Coming in second, “Some people will hurt you, and they won’t care how you feel about it.”

Then, one added, “And many of those people will get away with it, live very happy lives, and never think about you again.”

3. Sometimes, You’re the Bad Guy

One added, “And sometimes you just need to embrace it,” before another replied, “You are the bad guy, but this does not mean you are a bad guy.”

“Sometimes the people who think they are doing the most good are the bad guys, and it makes it much worse,” a third person commented.

4. You Can Love Someone Without Ever Being Loved Back