10 Controversial Things That Shouldn’t Be Controversial at All

Is there anything you’ve experienced being controversial despite not needing to be?

For example, breastfeeding in public, not circumcising your child, and even food preferences such as being gluten-free immediately come to my mind.

Someone recently asked, “What things are controversial but shouldn’t be?” Here are the top-voted responses.

1. Saying No

“Just saying no to someone instead of coming up with an excuse,” one user shared.

Another stated, “And if you give an excuse, it allows them to argue why you should do the thing they are asking.”

“That’s critical. They take an explanation not as a polite courtesy but as the opening of negotiation,” a third added.

2. Discussing Wage and Salary

“In the US, discussing your salary or wage. People who make fun of you for your income aren’t worth your time, and sharing income can help everyone involved to make more,” one shared.

“Not just the US. European here, and I have it in my contract that I’m not allowed to talk about it.”

3. Dunning-Kruger Effect