People Won’t Travel To These 10 Cities with Terrible Reputations

Are you searching for fun places to travel to and explore?

Traveling is one of the most incredible gifts that you can give yourself.

However, some cities have earned terrible reputations, and travelers warn others to avoid these places. Here are some of the top-voted cities worldwide.

Cities with Terrible Reputations

1. Cairo, Egypt

“I lived in Cairo for two years in my 30s,” shared one user, “I genuinely hated it. I was sexually harassed every day.

At one point, I had to move house because the gas man kept banging on my door, shouting that I was a sex worker and should let him in for adult relations.”

2. Gary, Indiana – U.S.A.

“My wife’s family lives in Indiana. When I visited, we drove by Gary, and I said, ‘Ain’t that where Michael Jackson is from?!

We should stop real quick!’ They all looked at me like I was a psychopath and told me how bad it was. I was disappointed, to say the least.”

3. Mogadishu, Somalia