5 Reasons Why Not to Trust Your Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are among the most misunderstood professionals in the United States. Although this job is supposed to assist people in purchasing homes, most people think it ends with a scam. 

Agents in the housing market are often stereotyped as self-centered and corrupt individuals.

This story will cover five reasons why people do not like housing market agents and what do agents do and do not do that make people distrust them.

Why do Housing Market Buyers not Trust Their Real Estate Agent?

1. Lack of Communication

Many agents, for whatever reason, do not respond to inquiries and messages promptly, and some do not answer at all. 

2. Lack of Respect

While it’s understandable to notify a client ahead of time that the real estate agent will be a few minutes late, doing so after he is already late will show he is disrespectful.

3. No Transparency

Unfortunately, because of the high turnover in the real estate industry, most agents will never advance to full-fledged real estate professionals.