Was He Wrong for Defending His White Brother When Confronted With His Grandparents’ Racism?

A recent post on Reddit saw a devoted brother asking if he was in the wrong for bringing up something he knew his grandparents didn’t want to hear.

He Comes From a Big Family

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This devoted brother is 26 years old and has a big family.

When he was seven, his dad and mom adopted his cousin (on his mom’s side), as his mother was treating him incredibly poorly and not looking after him.

His cousin became his brother, but sadly, his dad became estranged from most of his family.

The Family Is Mixed

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He explains it like this: “My brother is white. Dad is black. Mom is white. And my sisters and I are dark skinned. But we are biracial, obviously.”

The Beginnings of a Rift

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His dad’s side of the family didn’t want him to take in a white child, and when he did, they slowly became estranged over time.

Out of Nowhere They Reached Out

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They hadn’t seen or heard from that side of the family in years until recently.

An aunt contacted him and his sisters, explaining that their grandparents wanted to see them because they were old and ill.

He Refused

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Their dad refused to see them, but his brother encouraged the rest of them to visit the extended family.

They Haven’t Changed

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At that first visit, on arrival, he could tell that nobody in the family had changed their opinion about his brother.

When he called him “brother,” his extended family corrected him, calling his brother his “cousin.”

His Frustration Builds

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It frustrated this devoted brother, so he began to make a point of saying brother instead of his brother’s name.

He made sure everyone knew that his brother was the most like his dad out of all the kids.

He Starts Trying to Provoke

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He says, “the girls and I take after mom but my brother and dad, outside of skin color, are like personality twins and even how they carry themselves is uncanny.”

He knew this bothered his dad’s family – specifically the grandparents.

After they’d visited a few times, the extended family confronted him for mentioning all this business in front of sick older people.

The Conversation Becomes More Heated

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He told them they should be glad he returned at all because they’d already disrespected his family. They disagreed and said he was acting like a child, not a 26-year-old man.

His final cutting reply was that by hating a seven-year-old child who had needed a family, they were the ones acting like children.

They Consider Cutting Ties

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After that exchange, he and his sisters decided not to go back.

His brother said he doesn’t want to be the reason that they can’t reconnect with their dad’s side of the family, but they assured his brother it’s about them, not him.

They’re Sticking Together

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They told him, “we’re a family, and nobody gets to deny that or make us feel bad about it.”

They Should Apologize

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However, now more contact has been made by the extended family. They think he has to apologize before it’s too late.

Grandparents’ Health Declining

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Their grandparents’ health has declined, and they blame him and his behavior for this decline!

He ends the post by asking whether he was wrong. With over 3000 upvotes, horntimeaccount42 comment was the top-rated.

Their verdict was that this poster was not at fault, “Your dad’s side of the family all sound terrible. I think what you did was actually pretty darned restrained to be honest. All you did was refer to your brother as your brother.”

Do you agree with what Reddit has said? Are they in the right for doing what they’ve done?

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