Unwanted Stepmother-In-Law Flees in Outrage After Hilarious Counter-Attack

OP and her current husband, Danny, found themselves in an unconventional relationship around a dozen years ago. The pair decided on a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement, being uninterested in remarrying but still desiring companionship. Their parents, due to religious beliefs, were presented with a slightly tweaked version of this arrangement as a traditional dating relationship.

Mixed Reactions From the Families

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Dennis was warmly welcomed by OP’s family. His father, however, remained unsure of OP, and his stepmother, Brenda, showed outright hostility.

In her mind, she had successfully ousted the ex-wife, and a new woman sharing her son’s attention was unwelcome.

Stepping into the Lion’s Den

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OP, by nature, is a straight-talking individual. Still, she endured far more of Brenda’s jabs and jibes than anyone should have.

It wasn’t out of a desire to be the bigger person, but out of a refusal to partake in petty squabbles.

But when Dennis’ brother introduced a new girlfriend – an unsuspecting, gentle young woman – things took a turn.

She Switched Targets

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Brenda shifted her focus from OP, who had proved a tough target, to the vulnerable new girlfriend, now Sister-in-Law.

She took pleasure in reducing this young woman to tears with her venomous tongue, always choosing her moments of attack when the men were elsewhere.

The Barbecue Night Showdown

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One Saturday evening at a family barbecue, Brenda unleashed a hateful tirade against both women, criticizing their relationships with the men and claiming they weren’t loved because of a lack of marriage proposals.

While OP was focused on making plans for a romantic night with Dennis, she spotted the reflection of her tearful sister-in-law in the window and turned her attention to the conversation.

A Retort That Turned the Tables

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Caught up in the moment, OP responded to Brenda’s claim about the men’s heart belonging to her with a frank comment about her own interest in Dennis’ more physical attributes.

The room was left in shock until the sister-in-law broke into laughter, morphing from tears of sadness into tears of joy.

Unholy Outrage and a New Family Ally

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Brenda’s reaction was pure, outraged hysteria! She rushed to the men, wailing about the blasphemous remark she’d just heard. 

But instead of the support she expected, the men high-fived each other, leaving her to retreat, crying, to her bedroom. 

The incident earned OP the unexpected approval of Dennis’ father, who offered her a favorite beer and officially welcomed her to the family, encouraging the sister-in-law to stand up to Brenda as well.

An Effective Tool for Peace

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This memorable incident birthed a secret weapon for OP and her sister-in-law – a simple tongue gesture capable of sending Brenda fleeing, leaving them in blessed peace.

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