Ukraine Adopts Bold New Military Strategy, Significantly Altering Course of Conflict

After a slow start, Ukraine’s counter-offensive is finally taking its toll on Russian forces, with the Ukrainians taking back a massive 42 miles of territory since the offensive started 3 months ago.

Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Gaining Momentum

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Ukraine’s three-month counteroffensive is gaining momentum, potentially breaking through Russian defensive fortifications.

New Weapons for Ukraine

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Ukraine also anticipates receiving exciting and powerful new weapons, including 31 M1 Abrams tanks, F-16 fighter jets, and long-range ATACM missiles.

The ATACM missiles would be the first munitions provided by the US that would give Ukraine the ability to strike the Crimean peninsula, while fighter jets could finally give Ukraine the air superiority it needs to crush Russian defensive lines.

Possibility of Territorial Gains

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U.S. officials suggest Ukraine may make territorial gains beyond Russian fortifications, a long-standing challenge.

Key Battlefield Near Robotyne

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Dismounted infantry and U.S.-provided cluster munitions play a crucial role in breaching Russian defenses near Robotyne.

Ukrainian Combat Power Untapped

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Ukraine has yet to fully utilize its combat power in the ongoing counteroffensive, with officials suggesting the best is yet to come.

Optimism From Defense Intelligence Agency 

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The Defense Intelligence Agency’s Trent Maul believes Ukrainian troops could break through all of Russia’s defensive lines by the end of 2023, “Had we had this conversation two weeks ago, I would have been slightly more pessimistic,” he admitted.

Recent Gains on the Battlefield

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Ukrainian forces regained almost a third of the territory lost to Russia, a significant achievement that spans over 42 miles of Ukrainian soil.

Ukraine’s Tactical Success

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Ukraine’s methodical approach and attrition tactics have proved effective against Russian defenses, “Penetrating a prepared defensive position like this is incredibly hard and difficult even for the U.S. military,” said another US official.

Strategic Importance of the Offensive

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Ukraine now aims to sever the land bridge connecting Crimea with eastern Ukraine, a critical strategic goal that could change the context of the war.

Challenges of Minefields

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Russia’s extensive minefields that soldiers laid last winter, initially slowed down Ukraine’s armored advance, part of a 3-layer defense that also includes a layer of “Dragon’s Teeth” anti-tank systems followed by gruelling trenches.

A Shift in Tactics

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Ukraine shifted to a more measured approach, capitalizing on small-unit tactics, enabling them to impressively break through the Russian defensive lines.

Impact of Ukraine’s Adaptation

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Ukraine’s adaptation includes drone attacks and artillery fire, weakening Russian forces in a starting counter-offensive that has impressed the world.

Winter Conditions and Timing

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Speculation arises about achieving counteroffensive goals before winter conditions worsen as the weather will prove to be a significant factor in the counter-offensive.

Preventing Russian Rebuilding

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Some US officials admitted they had doubts initially when Ukraine’s counter-offensive had a worryingly slow start, “Looking at where the offensive stands today, Ukraine’s decision to attrit Russian forces via fires and advance incrementally with small units played to its strengths,” said Michael Kofman.

Keeping up the Pressure

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Ukraine’s strategy focuses on continuous pressure to hinder Russian forces in one area, allowing them to break through with a larger Ukrainian force.

The Importance of Rapid Maneuver

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Ukraine may engage in rapid maneuver operations to exploit breakthroughs in Russian defenses.

Uncertainty as Winter Approaches

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The approach of winter adds urgency to Ukraine’s efforts, but analysts suggest the tactics are working.

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