Trump Is (Probably) Going to PRISON – The Latest Indictment Is In, and This One’s a Doozy. Is Donald Trump Starting to Get Scared?

Former President Donald Trump finds himself once again at the center of a legal storm, as he was indicted for the fourth time this year. Here’s the full story.

Trump May Go to Jail

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This latest indictment, announced on Monday, August 14, by District Attorney Fani Willis of Atlanta, has triggered a vehement response from Trump, who took to his Truth Social platform to unleash a barrage of criticism and claims of victimhood.

The Failed District Attorney

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In his scathing social media posts, Trump wrote, “Can you believe it? This failed District Attorney from Atlanta, Fani Willis, where murders and other violent crime soars daily to new record highs, is charging me with 2020 Presidential Election Interference.”

They Stole the Election

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“No, Fani, the only Election Interference was done by those that Rigged and Stole the Election,” he added.

The Legitimacy of the Election

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Trump’s rhetoric taps into the ongoing debate surrounding the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

Election Integrity

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He has consistently championed the cause of “Election Integrity” while casting doubt on the legitimacy of the electoral process.

Bogus Trials

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“All of these Biden Administration bogus trials and cases, including the locals, should be brought after the 2024 Presidential Election,” he said previously.

Charges on Trump

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The 98-page indictment handed down by District Attorney Fani Willis lists a range of charges, including racketeering, solicitation of violation of oath by a public officer, and various conspiracy and forgery charges.

Trump Isn’t the Only One

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The indictment also implicates others, including Trump’s former lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

The Recent Legal Woe

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One notable aspect of Trump’s recent legal woes is the ongoing presence of cameras in the courtroom during his arraignments.

In the Public Glare

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This move departs from his previous three indictments, signaling a heightened level of public scrutiny surrounding his legal proceedings.

A Tool for Fools

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Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One user commented, “What fool wants this tool as their leader?” 


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Another user added, “”they say”…trump is making up more trash, that’s all that comes out of himself.”

He Is Terrified

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A third user wrote, “He’s terrified.  She’s coming after him with RICO and that means ALL his accounts will be frozen and he will have no access to his money anymore.  Since money is literally the only reason anyone tolerates this guy, it will mean lots of trouble when he’s no longer able to access it.”

Trump Is a Coward

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Another user commented, “The more insane Trump gets, the less I want to vote for any Republicans. They are proving to be cowards and who wants a coward in Congress?  They can’t do anything, they’re so scared.”

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