He Went to the Gym for a Work-Out and Took off His Wedding Ring, She Saw Him, Assumed He Fancied Her and Has a Meltdown

Reddit has again provided a source of entertaining reading. Recently on a subthread, a happily married man told the story about a recent visit to the gym.

He’s a Family Man

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The Redditor described himself as a family man. After work, he comes home and helps by putting his kids to bed.

He explained that he hits the gym after they’re asleep, usually around 8.30 pm.

Gym Session Well-Underway

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One evening, he was about 25 minutes into the session and had just finished the stationary cycle.

“Grunt and Groan in Peace”

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He was sweating heavily (he likes to push himself) and was headed to the gym’s free weight room.

Usually, by this point in the evening, he has the place to himself, allowing him “to grunt and groan in peace.”

Yoga Mat Lady

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That evening was different; he wasn’t alone. There was a lady with her yoga mat and a phone stand. He assumed that she was making a video of herself.

He Carried on Regardless

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He thought nothing of it and proceeded with his normal routine of bent-over rows.

But like he always did, he took off his wedding ring.

Wearing It Hurts

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He explained, “If I try to wear it, it digs into my hand and makes things most unpleasant.” So he starts “grunting out reps” when he feels a tap on his shoulder.

She’s Not Happy

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He looks around, and it’s the lady. She’s got a menacing glare and is brandishing her iPhone, and she’s not happy.

Our friend took out his earbuds and asked what the problem was.

Weird Exchange

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He explained that the exchange that followed was similar to this:

“Me: Hey, what’s up?

New Girl: You’re disgusting.

Me: Excuse me?

NG: You saw me in here and took off your ring, planning on chatting me up? (This is a little paraphrased, she swore a little, too, and I wasn’t taking perfect notes)

Me: What?

NG: You’re gross.

Me: Ok.”

He Ignores Her

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He ignores her and gets on with the routine, putting his earbuds back in.

He Thinks She’s Gone

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From the corner of his eye, he sees that the lady has gone to the other side of the gym, toward the exit.

She Throws Liquid at Him

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What happened next was bizarre. He explained, “I’m rowing away and out of no where I’m blasted with a cascade of liquid which leads me to drop my dumbbell and spin around to see what’s going on.

She’s Now Screaming at Him

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There’s stood the new girl with her recently emptied pink bottle, screaming at him.

He Smelled Like He Had Been Drinking

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The lady storms off, and the Redditor was left with a wet shirt that smelled like vodka.

After the exchange, he headed home to explain why his shirt smelled like he had been drinking at a club.


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He added, “TL;DR I took off my wedding ring at the gym, causing a lady I’ve never met before to go bananas.”

Redditors Had Their Say

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Redditors came out in force to support him. Musaraj replied, “File a complaint with a gym, get her banned. You didn’t ’cause a lady to go bananas.’ You were assaulted.”

People Are Strange

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Feeling_Ad_2354 added, “People are strange. It’s very common to not wear your ring to lift. I never wear mine to the gym at all because it gives me callouses and I also don’t want to scratch it. You didn’t messed up – she did. Sorry someone was so rude to you.”

The gym goer later added an edit to say, “So I had emailed the gym owner last night at the request of my wife. (She feels the same as many of you that this lady could be dangerous to others). He has already emailed back.

Apparently new girl received a ban early 2022 for aggressive behaviour with another gym patron.”

What Do You Think?

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Redditors supported and agreed that its normal to take off your ring at the gym.

Do you do the same? But what do you think, could his actions be perceived to be leading her on?

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