TikTok Bartender Unveils His Sneaky Technique for Cutting People Off From Alcohol: ‘Strong One Coming Right Up’

A TikTok sensation, renowned for his bartending skills and boasting over 1.5 million followers, recently delighted his audience with a clever demonstration of how he tactfully prevents his friends from consuming excessive alcohol.

A TikTok Star

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Benji Smith, widely recognized as @BenjiSpears on TikTok for his comedic content, took to the platform on Thursday, April 27, to share a 20-second video showcasing his covert drink-cutting technique.

The Video Hit the Masses

@benjispears When your drunk bestie is insisting another drink but you know they have to work in the morning 😅 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #serverlife #bartender #funny #comedy #trend #trending ♬ original sound – Benjispears

Captioned as “When your intoxicated bestie insists on another drink, but you know they have to work in the morning,” Smith’s video quickly amassed over 7.9 million views.

His Sneaky Solution to Intoxicated Guests

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In the clip, Smith ingeniously tackles the situation by employing a non-confrontational approach.

He pretends to pour a transparent spirit, while simultaneously using his soda gun to spray a clear carbonated beverage. 

Adding the Final Touch

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Completing the illusion, he pours what appears to be another alcoholic concoction, sprays a red-hued soda, and adds a touch of freshness with a lime wedge before serving.

His Playful Remark to the Guest

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“Alright, honey, here’s a strong one coming right up,” Smith playfully remarks as he presents the secret mocktail to his unsuspecting companion.

By Law, Most Bartenders Are Responsible

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As stated in “Alcohol in America: Taking Action to Prevent Abuse,” a guide published by The National Academies Press in 1985, and available in the National Library of Medicine, bartenders and commercial alcohol servers in numerous states may bear responsibility for damages or injuries caused by intoxicated customers.

The Video Is Going Viral

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At the time of publication, Smith’s video reenactment received more than 811.4K likes, 19.4 saves, and over 1,000 comments.

People Seem to Enjoy His Tactic

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Everyone seemed to be in favor of this bartender’s sneaky little trick. 

“Good friend. All gotta cut our friends off at one point,” one commenter wrote. 

Another said, “Not all heroes wear capes!”

Is He Charging for Alcohol?

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Some TikTok users raised concerns about whether Smith charges his friends the regular price for their nonalcoholic drinks.

“As long as they’re not being charged for the alcoholic price and you’re keeping people safe. I can get behind this,” one user said. 

His Response to These Concerns

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Smith addressed the question in a comment, stating that he doesn’t charge people for alcohol they haven’t actually consumed. However, he couldn’t vouch for the practices of other bartenders.

A few commenters expressed skepticism, suggesting that not all bartenders would be as generous as Smith in adjusting the bill or offering a complimentary beverage, since the faux drink lacks the alcohol originally ordered.

More Voiced Their Concerns

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Several current or former bartenders joined the conversation, admitting they employ the same technique when serving customers near their alcohol limit.

One fellow bartender replied, “The best is when they come to you the next day telling you how much they love you for that!!” Another commented, “I’ve been doing this for years!!”

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