“Thomas Jefferson Was Black!” – History Books Are a Thing of the Past for Her Sister-In-Law

A young woman divided Redditors when she called out her sister-in-law for being a huge f****** moron. And, coincidentally, her sister-in-law is a Trump voter. Here is the full story.

They Have Something to Talk About

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OP’s mom is a huge “Hamilton” fan, and it’s a common topic of discussion with the family.

They Hunkered Down Together

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At least that gave them all something to chat about during the pandemic lockdown, because OP hunkered down with an extended crew.

Tight Quarters

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There under the same roof were OP, her boyfriend, her sister, her parents, and her brother and his wife.

They Were More Than Cozy

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And, like many families, OP’s house was also squeezed a bit more by the three dogs that lived there.

She Sparked the Flame

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So in those tight quarters, tensions sometimes ran high.

And OP’s sister-in-law was usually the spark that got tempers flaring.

It Was Just a Joke

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For one thing, OP’s sister-in-law voted for Trump, though she claims she did it as a joke.

She Was the Oddball

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OP figures her sister-in-law either legitimately supported Trump or voted for him just to stir up trouble.

The rest of the family was pretty happy when President Obama was elected.

She Couldn’t Believe the Change

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When the general topic of the last few elections came up at dinner one night, OP said she couldn’t believe the change in U.S. voting over just a few years.

It Was an About-Face

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The big shocker for OP was going from being progressive enough to elect the first black president and then immediately electing Trump as the encore.

She Had to Speak

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That struck a nerve with OP’s sister-in-law, and she had to speak up.

She Had Big News

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The sister-in-law told OP she didn’t know what she was talking about because Obama was definitely not the first black president.

What Was She Smoking?

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Everyone at the table fell silent and gawked at OP’s sister-in-law.

None of them could wait to see how she would back up her off-the-wall claim.

She Had the Answer

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OP’s sister-in-law didn’t keep them waiting long.

She said that Thomas Jefferson had been the first black president.

She Wasn’t Joking

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It was a statement that drew laughs and disbelief from everyone, but OP could see her sister-in-law was serious.

It Was a Different Time

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Then OP’s sister-in-law went on to say that there were many high-profile black men in politics in the early days of the country.

She Wanted Proof

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OP wanted to know where in the world her sister-in-law was getting her information.

A Solid Source

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And there was a simple answer. OP’s sister-in-law said that Hamilton had been very educational for her. 

It Taught Her a Lot

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Then, she finished with the big finale that nearly left OP rolling on the floor.

Her sister-in-law said that before she saw Hamilton, she had no idea that Thomas Jefferson was black.

Life Imitating Art?

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It was at that moment OP knew her sister-in-law was either punking them all or was a complete fool.

Evidently, she thought the historical figures in the play were actually black because they were portrayed by black actors.

She Couldn’t Help Herself

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OP couldn’t control her impulse and blurted out her response before she could even think about it.

She Dropped the Big One

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“You’re…a huge f****** moron!” OP said to her sister-in-law, among a few other choice words.

She Shocked Herself

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Everyone at the table either laughed or gasped, and OP was even shocked at herself. 

She Was Totally Confused

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OP’s sister-in-law seemed almost unphased by the insult, though, and said she didn’t think it was right for actors to play people of other races because it was so confusing.

He’s Just Embarrassed

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In the aftermath, OP’s brother was furious with her for insulting his wife. But OP suspects he’s really just embarrassed about his wife’s foolishness.

She Was a Little Harsh

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Redditors have mixed opinions on this story. Many of them think OP was right to point out her sister-in-law’s silly misconceptions, even if she was a little harsh about it.

Other commenters really take exception to how OP handled the situation, though. They think correcting the sister-in-law would have been fine, but not demolishing her.