This Woman Thought She Knew Better Than Her Coworker, but Her Arrogance Was Her Downfall

Picture a small metalworking firm, owned by two brothers, bustling with about 30 workers casting metal, wiring, and other tasks. Amidst the chaos of hard labor were five women, including OP, her mom, and three other ladies. Among these women was a certain someone named Karen, who was known to be the favorite of one of the bosses. Karen was notorious for never accepting her mistakes and shoving blame onto others.

A Bitter Encounter With Karen

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The women were primarily responsible for preparing the product for shipping: cleaning metal bits, grinding seams, sorting good parts from faulty ones.

They all had their share of confrontations with Karen, but OP, preferring peace and harmony, usually kept her thoughts to herself, focusing on her tasks and letting Karen do her thing.

OP’s Experience and Expertise

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OP wasn’t new to the workshop. She had started working there during summers in the 90s under the watchful eyes of her grandmother, who was an unofficial supervisor.

Her grandmother had imparted all her wisdom about the shop to OP, who had also learned some useful tricks along the way.

This knowledge was especially handy when it came to handling the workshop’s washing machines.

The Peculiar Washing Machine

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The washing machines at the workshop were more like large bowls filled with specifically shaped stones. The process involved adding water, cleaning agent, and the metal bits into these bowls.

When activated, the machines would vibrate, causing the stones to rub against the products with soap and water, cleaning them in the process.

Here Comes the Tricky Part

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One of these machines was a bit tricky. It didn’t just clean the metal, but also polished the pieces with tiny metal spheres.

Having worked there for so long, OP knew exactly how to operate this machine.

The Unforeseen Crisis

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One fine day, OP received a call from her boss, who asked if she was using the washing machine.

After informing him that she was currently drilling holes and preparing the product for shipping, she was told to expect Karen with some time-sensitive products.

These products were covered in a nasty mix of oil and soot and needed to be cleaned and polished in the special machine.

Karen’s Huge Misstep

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Karen arrived with the oily, soot-covered products that were in desperate need of cleaning. OP, aware of the machine’s complicated setup, offered her help, only to be dismissed by the condescending woman.

Intrigued but not bothered, OP returned to her work. However, she was later called by the boss to fix the mess Karen had created by mishandling the machine.

The Aftermath of Her Arrogance

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Karen’s misadventure with the washing machine resulted in a disaster! The products ended up even dirtier than they were before.

She had used the wrong cleaning agent and failed to add the polishing powder at the correct time, causing significant damage.

The boss, oblivious to Karen’s arrogance, questioned OP for not intervening.

Karen Learns a Lesson

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Left to deal with Karen’s mess, OP managed to salvage the situation. She took up the tedious task of cleaning the machine and stones, as well as the dirty products.

Karen, on the other hand, had to finish OP’s gritty work. While Karen labored, OP efficiently started a washing cycle with the right agent to clean the machine and stones.

Spending half the day doing next to nothing, she couldn’t help but smirk at the irony: Karen, who had deemed the ‘unwashed peasants’ unworthy of her presence, was forced to get her hands dirty.

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