This Woman Is Urging People to Ditch Their Fat Friends, and the Internet Is Furious

This TikTok user has shocked the online community after demanding people ditch their fat friends if they want to get skinny. She also says that people who want to be pretty should ditch their ugly friends. TikTok users were stunned by her outrageous comments, and their reactions say it all!

Her Shocking Weight Loss Technique

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A TikTok user is making waves online with a surprising message, urging their followers to say goodbye to their “fat friends” if they want to achieve a slim figure.

She Thinks She’s Being Smart

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The user, known as Karmalita, talks about something called the “law of proximity,” which means you become like the people you hang out with.

TikTok Users Are Disturbed

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Karmalita tells their viewers to let go of their “ugly friends” if they want to be attractive. 

Missing the Point of Friendships?

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TikTokers were flabbergasted! They say, “Don’t choose friends based on their looks,” and add that it’s more about being able to relate to each other.

She Disagrees

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But Karmalita disagrees, “How can you understand someone crying about their looks when you’re looking fabulous?” 

Her Mind-Boggling Take on Making Friends

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Karmalita goes on to share another controversial opinion, saying, “If you spend too much time with your overweight friends, you’ll start thinking it’s normal to grab a late-night Taco Bell meal at 2 a.m.”

The Drama Unfolds

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The video quickly caught the attention of thousands of TikTokers, and opinions started pouring in. 

Hold Up!

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One person wrote, “I hang out with girls that don’t make tiktoks putting women down to make themselves feel better.”

Looks Fade, but Friendships Last

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Another person shared, “Just be friends with positive people who support your mental growth. Looks fade, but true friendship lasts.”

Friends Come in All Shapes and Sizes

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Another person argued, “Friendships are about more than just appearances. We relate to each other on life, careers, and more. But there’s some truth to the idea that you become influenced by those you spend time with.”

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