This Is How People Really Want to Respond to Internal Emails

Internal workplace emails are always necessary to read and respond to. However, not all of them are emails you wish to respond to politely. Unless someone is asking for help or asking a sensible question, many internal emails are questionable.

It is common for employees to want to reply to emails in a tone that properly gets across just how stupid the other person is. Of course, that’s not a wise choice to make, and it could easily see you being fired from the workplace.

You have to be respectful and careful with your words, and reply to emails in a way that upholds company protocol.

Should employees reply to emails how they wish to, the workplace would be a much more disrespectful and argumentative place.

Co-workers Are Frustrating

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TikToker Wade (@thewadeempire) shares a comical side to the reality of internal work emails in this video where he shows how people really want to respond to emails in the workplace.

First, Wade begins by sharing how many people likely often catch themselves at work when they receive an email that makes them frustrated.

His face says it all with the confused and disappointed expression, which many people will experience when someone internally asks a non-essential or stupid question. 

He Thinks His Coworker Is Stupid

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He reads the email and instantly says “What, are you stupid?”, indicating the email says or asks something that really doesn’t need an explanation from a colleague. 

Wade begins typing aggressively and types to ask what they are talking about. His confusion leads to him typing more disrespectful yet honest words.

Quickly, Wade realizes he cannot speak to a work colleague in this way, looks around to see if anyone has heard what he is saying out loud while typing, and begins to remove the email message. 

He Decides to Delete the Message

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While deleting the message, the large sigh and hand-on-head gesture prove his frustration, which many of us would have experienced before. 

Wade is clever in the way he portrays this issue, as we guarantee many people have had this same experience, maybe even on a daily basis.

If only it were acceptable to reply and say what we really felt!

Removing the Email Message

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With the message fully deleted, Wade sits back in his office chair, takes another deep breath, and begins to reply in the way his company would have approved for him to. 

His plain expression shows how he isn’t happy with the way he needs to respond to the stupid email.

But of course he has to for the sake of respect and not being given a warning from his company about unacceptable behavior.

He Fake Smiles

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Wade puts on a fake smile while typing the new email and starts to agree with what the co-worker is saying so that he can remain friendly and respectful.

He agrees to resend an attachment that was already attached to the previous email. Unfortunately, it seems his co-worker couldn’t see it. He has no choice but to resend it and perform the task for a second time. 

This is not the way he or anyone else would wish to reply to a frustrating email!

Calling the Coworker a Bad Name

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After typing the much more polite email, Wade hits the send button, sits back in frustration, and calls his coworker a bad word out of frustration.

It seems that this experience at work is something that occurs to many people, no matter what industry they work in.

The responses on the TikTok video reveal that nearly everyone has had an experience like this before. But everyone understands they cannot act this way at work. 

Many People Agree

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People comment, stating that this same experience has led them to feel irritated, yet they haven’t been able to tell their coworkers what they really think because they understand it isn’t professional. 

It is comical how everyone agrees with Wade in that they have many internal emails they would love to send a sarcastic message to, only if were acceptable. 

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