This Guy Shares Every Honest Opinion on Why Nobody Should Trust Their Coworkers

Being able to trust your coworkers is something not many people can experience. It seems that even if people believe they have friends at work, it is best to keep their distance. 

If you start to tell things to people at work that you would only tell your friends and family, it could be used against you.

Although you might wish to trust coworkers, sometimes it simply isn’t possible. 

Corporate Skills

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In this video, Justin (@jstnmurray_) shares his workplace survival skills and admits that nobody should trust their coworkers.

First, Justin starts the video by answering, “What is a corporate survival skill you wish you knew sooner?”.

It is clear from his tone of voice and body language that he is serious about his answers. He starts by stating that coworkers, management, and HR are not anyone’s friends. 

HR Are Not Nice People

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He is glad people are waking up to the idea that HR is “the devil” and he would not be willing to listen to any professional HR representative on TikTok to give advice regarding this question. 

It seems that if anyone from the top of the hierarchy would answer this question, Justin would make sure not to listen or give them the time of day.

Avoid Work Events

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Justin’s body language is very strong and strict when he advises viewers to not attend company happy hours.

Maybe sometimes you would get invited to drinks after work with colleagues. If so, Justin is admitting that it is a wise decision to say no. 

Be Sensible if You Say Yes

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He suggests that if anyone were to say yes to a happy hour with work colleagues, it is best to not get drunk around them.

This advice could come from his own experience or that he has seen things happen in the corporate world before where coworkers are not trustworthy as soon as they have consumed alcohol.

Justin goes on to say that whatever you say when you have had a drink at a work happy hour will be used against you.

Let’s say you tell someone something about your life outside of work, this could easily be used against you in a work dispute to make you look bad. 

Say No to Events When Possible

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Hence, it is a good idea to take Justin’s advice and simply say no to events or if you attend, be sensible and avoid drinking alcohol, as it could result in workplace issues that are down to a non-trustworthy coworker.

Furthermore, Justin questions why anyone would want to spend more time with their coworkers outside of work when they could be at home or spending time with people they can trust. 

Do Not Add Coworkers on Social Media

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His second opinion is that nobody should add their coworkers on social media.

He doesn’t care how close you think you are, it should not be done. If anyone does wish to add these people on social media, you should wait to do so after you have parted ways with the company. 

For those that want to surpass their boss and climb the corporate ladder, Justin suggests to not to try to step on their toes and live in their shadow.

He believes managers and bosses are egotistical and they will try their best to block you, so you can’t succeed, every time.

Do Not Act Like Family

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Justin’s last opinion on this matter is that if a company ever says that the team is like a family, do not believe them. His advice is to “run away” from this as this is a red flag that management will try to treat you like people that work underneath them, as opposed to treating you equally. 

Anyone that does want to trust their coworkers should be understanding that anyone can turn on them at any time.

Even if someone has built a friendship with you, they might use the private information you have shared with them at any time to prevent you from getting in front of them. 

Or, coworkers might use your social media after you add them to find out more about you, which can always come back to bite you, even if it was due to something you posted before starting at the company. 

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