Her Boss Kept Stealing Her Work So She Got Her Own Back by Making Them Look Stupid and Crazy

A Reddit user turned to the online community to rant about a superior who kept stealing their hard work, so they confessed to finally doing something about it.

An Uneducated Partner in Business

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OP (the original poster) does data analysis for their day job for some financial firms. They are based in Europe, but recently got a new line manager, Danny, from America.

OP says that they typically get along with their American colleagues, but Danny makes that hard to do.

OP is struggling to understand how Danny was promoted to the position he’s in now, since he knows very little about the industry that they work in.

He Was Stealing All of the Credit!

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OP has to frequently present to the board at this company. Before the presentations, Danny would go through the slides beforehand and ask OP about them.

Then during the big meeting, Danny would make a point of asking very good questions and statements to the group, all from the information that OP had just shared with them beforehand.

OP felt like Danny was getting all the credit for the work that they were doing!

Trying to Do Something About It

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Once OP realized what Danny was doing, they started to be a bit more careful about what they shared with Danny. OP admits to also asking questions to Danny in front of the board, just to make him look stupid.

Once Danny realized what was going on, he then made OP present all the information to him beforehand, after which Danny would just deliver it all themself to the board.

This made OP very upset, so they decided to do something about it and take revenge.

It Was Time for Revenge

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During the next meeting, OP created a few slides in the PowerPoint that were not connected to the presentation. OP was able to quickly able to add these in, and Danny didn’t see them in the presentation prep.

The meeting then began and OP couldn’t wait for the fun to begin.

A Presentation Gone Wrong

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One of the secret slides displayed a picture of a baby kangaroo right in the middle of the projected Q3 earnings.

Danny was very flustered and was barely able to get through the next few slides!

They started to regain their composure only to then flip to an image of Tom Brady’s bare chest with the regional analysis displayed on it.

Total Embarrassment

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The board started to get annoyed that Danny seemed to be joking around by adding all these odd slides to the presentation. The meeting started to settle down again until it came to the final slide.

It first showed the typical “Any Questions?” ending, but then came the faded picture in the background which was of the CEO’s daughter posing in a bikini, taken from her Instagram page.

Danny quickly made some apologies and left the room in a hurry.

They Finally Got What They Deserved

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Danny went up to OP immediately after and wanted to know how those images made it onto the presentation. OP lied and immediately stated that they knew nothing about it.

OP claimed that maybe a hacker had gotten into the presentation and added all of the nonsense. Danny took the bait and believed them.

But the board was still not happy about how everything went down. They demoted Danny to a junior level.

Six months later, OP landed the role that Danny had been demoted from!

A Story of Revenge Gone Right

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Reddit users loved this story from OP and felt like the revenge was very justified.

Many commented that Danny never learned that you don’t hurt the people you rely on to get your job done. Otherwise, things could turn out as they did here!

Bad Work Relationship

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Another user wrote that while this was definitely a bad work relationship, there are times when the job comes down to making the boss look good.

In return, Danny should graciously pass along the credit to the real owner of the work. In this instance for OP, Danny was not willing to give anyone else kudos for the job well done.

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