Student Takes Bus, Boat and Train Everyday in Her Epic College Commute: This Is How She Does It

One woman went viral on TikTok for her mind-blowing daily commute to college. Lauren has shocked the online world with her daily commute which involves taking a bus, boat, and train each way. Yes, you read that right!

The Price to Pay for an Education

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Lauren reveals the unbelievable trek she takes on not just once, but three times a week, even if she only has a single class. Get ready to be astounded as we unfold the details of this remarkable adventure.

The video is captioned, “not once will i ever understand why i chose a college so far away, and why i’ve chosen it again for next year,” but that simply doesn’t do the video justice.

Starting the Epic Adventure

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The saga begins bright and early at 5:45 AM when Lauren rises from her bed, and by 6:45, she steps onto the first bus of her journey.

At 7:00, she boards a boat (!!!), sailing across Scotland for fifteen minutes until she reaches the shore at 7:15. 

Then she sets foot on land and continues the next leg of her grand expedition – the journey to the train station.

At 7:23, Lauren finds herself seated on the train, watching the world whiz by. 

There’s Still a Long Way to Go

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Finally, at 8:10, she steps off of the train, ready to face the final challenge: a lengthy walk to make it to class by 9:00.

But here’s the kicker – her incredible voyage doesn’t end there! Once her school day ends, she retraces her steps, reliving the challenges and triumphs of her morning journey. 

Spending Time and Money: Does TikTok Think It’s Worth It?

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Every single time, Lauren spends a whopping total of $20 on transportation. Is that a fair price to get to college?

It’s no surprise that TikTok viewers were left astonished by Lauren’s extraordinary commute. 

Some were moved to exclaim, “a commute?? girl this is a JOURNEY js casually hopping on a boat like that what.” 

Other viewers were mad to feel grateful for their own, much shorter commutes with this one suggesting, “I will never take my 30 min commute for granted ever.”

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