She’s Dying, and Her Parting Gift to Her Parents Is a Will Designed to Hurt Them

A dying woman moved Redditors to anger and tears when she revealed she was forcing her parents into an impossible decision. As it turns out, it was a hell of their own making. Here is the full story.

She’s Planning for the End

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OP is a 38-year-old woman who recently received devastating news about her health.

Planning for the Future

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As a result, she and her husband have been planning for what life will be like when she is gone.

He’ll Be on His Own

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A big part of that planning involves figuring out what to do with the assets that OP owns.

Most of her money will go to her husband, who will have to raise their kids without his wife.

She Can Help Her Family

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But both OP and her husband make decent money in their careers, and her husband loves his job.

So he will still make a good living when she is gone, which means she has a little money to share with others.

She Wants Them to Succeed

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OP has set aside part of those funds for her brother’s two daughters. It won’t just be fun money, but will instead be available only to pay for their education, which is no sure thing for them.

He Couldn’t Take Care of them

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The problem is that OP’s brother can’t seem to get his life together, and his parents have always enabled whatever destructive behavior he engaged in.

All of that led to him eventually dumping his two girls on his parents to raise.

They Have Strong Convictions

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OP always thought it was a terrible idea for her parents to take in their granddaughters, largely because she thinks they weren’t such great parents in the first place.

Her folks are part of a very conservative christian denomination and have very particular ideas about right and wrong.

They Don’t Approve of Her

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That led to a strict upbringing for OP and her sister, which somehow didn’t seem to translate to her brother.

Now, she and her parents aren’t close at all, and they don’t approve of her lifestyle.

She Should Have Stayed with Them

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OP’s parents always thought a good Christian girl should stay at home with the family instead of going off to college to make a life of her own.

She Wanted the Girls

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But when OP’s brother gave up his children, she tried to get custody of them. She had a good, solid home and was already raising her own kids, so it seemed like a great fit.

They All Turned on Her

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With the help of their congregation, though, OP’s parents hired a high-powered lawyer and effectively blocked her from any contact with her nieces. She had left the church years before, and the whole flock turned on her.

She Had to Protect Herself

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OP knows that her parents probably can’t wait to get their hands on her money, so she built in some extra protection.

The Money Will Expire

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Besides limiting the use of the inheritance to her nieces’ education, OP put a time limit on the funds.

Specifically, any money that the girls don’t use by the time they turn 25 will go to a charity that OP handpicked.

It’s Everything They Hate

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That charity supports women’s reproductive rights, which is like a stab through the heart for OP’s parents.

They Want the Money Now

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So, when OP sent her folks a copy of her updated will, she was not surprised that they had a fit!

They Called Her Selfish

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Now they’re calling her selfish for not sending them money to help raise her nieces, claiming they’re sliding deeper and deeper into debt.

They Would Challenge the Will

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OP offered once again to take custody of the girls, and her husband agreed that he could raise them after she was gone.

Her parents of course rejected that idea and vowed to challenge her will.

An Impossible Choice

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Then OP’s brother got in on the act, calling her up and yelling at her for putting their parents in an impossible position.

They either have to encourage his daughters to go to college, or they have to watch a big chunk of money go to a cause they hate.

They Think She’s Evil

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OP’s husband is fully on her side, but most of her family members have been calling to tell her what a horrible person she is.

She Can Still Take Care of Them

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Now, OP just wants to enjoy the time she has left. But she’s not going to back down and feels like she’s the only one really looking out for her nieces.

Her Plan Is Awesome

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Redditors overwhelmingly support OP for her desire to get her affairs in order the way she sees fit. They say it’s her money to do with what she wants.

And many of them think it’s absolutely delicious that she has forced her hypocritical parents to make a choice they will regret, no matter which way they go.

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