She’s Been Hiding Her Secret Getaway Fund From Her Husband for Years

A clever but deceitful woman drew flak on Reddit when she revealed that she had been hiding a secret fund from her husband for years. But was he really an innocent victim in the whole thing? Here is the full story.

She Has Her Hands Full

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OP is a 29-year-old woman who has been married to her 30-year-old husband for 9 years. 

She’s also a stay-at-home mom of 4 children.

He Has It All Planned Out

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OP’s husband makes good money, but he also has a plan for every cent.

His tight and detailed budget provides for living expenses, savings, college funds, and some personal expenditures.

They Just Stay Home

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But OP’s husband doesn’t set aside any of their money for vacation. As a result, they don’t take any trips at all.

She Hatched a Plan

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That has left OP a little bored and longing to travel, but it also got her thinking about ways to generate some extra income. One of her household duties gave her just the opportunity she was looking for.

She Makes Every Cent Count

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Ever since the couple got married, OP has been responsible for grocery shopping.

To make sure she gets the most bang for her buck, she has become very adept at using coupons, and her husband is grateful for her diligence in that area.

She Found a Loophole

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But OP discovered that her weekly shopping trips could actually help her build a little nest egg thanks to rewards cards and points.

As with the coupons, OP has gotten really good at racking up rewards points over the years.

She Kept the Secret

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Unlike with her coupons, though, OP never told her husband anything about her rewards points.

They have been her little secret.

She Says They’re Paying

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And each year, OP uses her secret rewards points to pay for her part of a “girls’ trip” with other members of her family.

But she tells her husband that her mom, grandmother, sisters, and sisters-in-law pay for her expenses.

The Boys Wanted to Party

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It all worked great…until the men in OP’s family decided they wanted in on the fun.

So they organized a “boys’ trip “ and asked OP’s husband to go along with them.

He’d Go If They’d Pay

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He said he’d love to, but that he couldn’t afford it.

He did agree to go if the other men would pay for his expenses, as their wives did for OP.

The Truth Was Revealed

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OP’s brother was confused by her husband’s stance and told him that no one paid for OP to travel. She paid for everything herself.

She Was Busted!

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That shocked OP, and he confronted his wife about it.

She was caught red-handed and had no choice but to confess what she had been doing with the rewards cards.

He Was Crushed

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Even though OP expected her husband to be angry with her, it was even more devastating to see that he was mostly just hurt by her deception.

He told her they could have used her points to do something as a family.

They Think She’s Selfish

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Since then, OP has been flooded with calls and texts from various family members.

Most of them are mad at her for being so selfish and lying to everyone involved.

She Doesn’t Want to Share

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OP feels bad for keeping secrets from her husband, but she also thinks she’s worked hard for her rewards points. She doesn’t think it’s fair that he wants her to share them with the whole family.

Redditors have been pretty hard on OP about this situation.

A lot of them agree with her family that she is being selfish by using the rewards points for herself.

Abusive and Controlling

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Others think that her husband is abusive and controlling, and they say she’s enabling her.

Most Redditors think OP should try to talk through the situation with her husband and see if they can come up with a plan moving forward.

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