She Yelled at Him, and Now Their Marriage Might Be Over Because of Some Chicken Alfredo

A distraught woman took to Reddit for opinions after she blew up at her husband. Her husband’s crime? Complaining about her chicken alfredo! But as the story reveals, their problems run much deeper than food on a plate…

They Were in It for the Long Haul

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OP is a 38-year-old woman who has been with her 42-year-old husband since they were in their early 20s. They have 3 children together, all under 10 years old.

He Has a Tough Job

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OP’s husband is a mechanic and regularly works 60-80 hours a week. He’s tired and stressed out a lot of the time.

She Has Many Jobs

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Meanwhile, OP works part-time as a hostess at a restaurant. Her shifts fall during the school day. Outside of her job, OP takes care of the kids and does most of the household work. 

He Pitches in at Home

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For most of their marriage, her husband has done his own laundry, since his clothes are usually grimy.

He also gets the kids ready for school in the morning and helps with dinner and cleanup a couple of times a week.

He Started Slacking

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But recently, OP noticed that her husband has been getting more lax with his household chores.

He’s Not Carrying His Weight

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Over the last several weeks, he’s just been dropping his clothes in the laundry room and leaving them for OP to deal with. And he heads out for work without waking up the kids like normal.

He Turned on Her

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During the same time period, OP’s husband has been coming home later from work than usual.

He Thinks She’s a Bad Wife

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And he’s been super critical of her, even calling her a “cr**** wife” when she didn’t wash his dirty clothes one day.

All He Had to Do Was Ask

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OP stood up for herself and reminded her husband that it was his job to wash his work clothes.

But she told him she would have done them for him if he had just asked.

It Was a Staple Meal

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It all came to a head one night when OP served chicken alfredo to the family.

It was one of their regular meals because all the kids loved it. And her husband had never complained about it.

He Tore Her Apart

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But this time, OP’s husband started griping about the chicken right from the start and told her the least she could do was put a decent meal on the table.

Then he called her a bad wife and mother while the kids watched and listened!

She Fought Back

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OP was hurt and angry, and she told the kids to go to their rooms.

When they were gone, she let into her husband and told him he had no right to talk to her like that, especially in front of their children.

He Pushed Her Over the Line

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Then OP reminded her husband how much she did for the household every day.

She said she knew he was tired and stressed, and that she had tried to cut him some slack.

But he had gone way too far this time.

He Went AWOL

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OP and her husband argued for a while longer until he finally just stormed out of the house. She called him several times that night, but he never answered, and she had no idea where he ended up.

It Was a Woman’s Voice

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After many calls, a woman finally answered OP’s husband’s phone.

OP demanded to know where he was, and the woman said that she’d send him home soon.

She Put Two and Two Together

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But when her husband wasn’t back by the next morning, OP was convinced he was cheating on her.

So when he finally came home a few hours later, she confronted him about where he had been.

It Was All a Big Joke

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OP’s husband told her that he had gone to a friend’s house to cool off.

He said that he didn’t realize the friend had answered his phone, but that the woman was just playing a joke on OP since she’d called so many times.

Nobody Wanted to Leave

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OP wasn’t buying it and told her husband to pack his stuff and get out.

He said he wasn’t going to leave since it was his house, even though her parents had paid for it.

He Finally Surrendered

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Afraid that the situation might escalate further, OP called her brother, who showed up about 20 minutes later.

Outnumbered and tired of fighting, OP’s husband left the house.

Did the Pasta Kill Their Marriage?

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OP and her brother then contacted a divorce lawyer.

But she still wonders if her husband could have been telling the truth and whether she blew up their marriage over some chicken alfredo.

She’s in a Stressful Situation

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It sounds like OP is in for a stressful time. Let’s all hope she gets the resolution she deserves.

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