She Was Booed and Abused After Disrespectfully Climbing Ancient Mayan Pyramid

One tourist thought it would be a good idea to climb a sacred pyramid in Mexico built by the ancient Mayans thousands of years ago. To make things worse,she even did a little dance when she reached the top, only to be hurled with water and trash on her way back down by furious tourists!

What Was She Thinking?

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A tourist faced a furious backlash on TikTok after she was filmed climbing an ancient Mayan pyramid in Mexico without permission. 

Her Daring Disrespectful March to the Top

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The video shows the female tourist boldly ascending the sacred pyramid in Mexico.

The scene unfolded at an archaeological site, where a crowd had gathered below.

She Angered the Locals

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As the tourist ignored the rules and climbed the steps, an angry chorus erupted. 

“Jail, Jail, Jail!”

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The crowd shouted “jail, jail, jail,” “lock her up,” and even “sacrifice, sacrifice,” expressing their disdain for her disrespectful act. 

A Lack of Respect?

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It was clear that this woman had no regard for the sanctity of the historical site.

It has been forbidden to climb the site since 2008 with hefty fines ranging from $2500-$5115 for any damage tourists may cause.

It’s NOT an Amusement Park

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Despite these clear restrictions, the tourist went ahead, ascending the pyramid as if it were an amusement park attraction.

You Won’t Believe What She Did Next

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To make matters worse, as she reached the top, she decided to flaunt her disrespect further by performing a little dance on the sacred site. 

A Bad Situation Turned Even Worse

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This added disrespect only made things worse.

The crowd responded by whistling, chanting, and booing louder, making their disapproval known.

They Hurled Abuse at Her

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When the tourist finally descended to the ground and attempted to make her way through the crowd, she faced water and trash being hurled at her. 

“Don’t Mess With My People” Says Mexican Tiktoker

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The video’s caption, posted by user angelalopeze, summed up the sentiments of many, stating, “This is so disrespectful… don’t mess with my Mexican people.” 

She Should Have Been More Respectful

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Unsurprisingly, the comments section of the video was flooded with criticism towards the unnamed tourist for her outrageous behaviour.

“Ive been there and its so surreal seeing it after learning the history. So sad to see people with no respect for the mayans,” expressed one TikTok user.

How Could Someone Do This?

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Another user shared, “how can they casually go to chichenitza and think doing something like this is ok.”

The incident has stirred up a storm online, with many eagerly awaiting the woman’s identification. 

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