She Stuck up for Her Brother Against Her Homophobic Parents, Was She in the Wrong?

This latest story comes hot off the presses, straight from one of Reddit’s most popular threads.

This post saw a young woman asking if she was wrong for telling her parents they no longer have a daughter.

Close Siblings

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This 16-year-old female has a younger brother, Tim, aged 14. They’re very close siblings; she would do anything for her brother.

Tim has always looked up to her. He’s, in her own words, “a little more feminine,” but this has never been a problem within the family dynamic until last week.

He Wanted to Get Involved

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Last week, while she was getting ready for a good friend’s birthday party, Tim came into her room and asked if she could put some makeup on him.

Two Siblings Having Fun

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He only wanted a little bit, so she agreed and put some blush, eye shadow, and lipstick on. It was a fun activity between siblings, and they both found it fun and were laughing loudly.

Their Mom Was Not Happy!

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Her parents heard them laughing and came to investigate the noise.

Her mom walked into the OP’s room, saw Tim with makeup on, and started screaming at the 14-year-old boy.

Their Dad Just Compounded the Issue

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Her father came to check out what was happening, saw his son with makeup on, and was enraged!

Both their parents were screaming at this young boy! He was crying, and OP was trying to calm down her parents and get her brother to stop crying.

He Should Not Have Said This!

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After five minutes of constant screaming at Tim, her dad called her brother a homophobic slur and said he would not have a homosexual as a son.

That Was Too Far

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This is when OP absolutely lost it – the protective sibling instinct kicked in, and she started screaming at her parents!

She Had to Look After Her Little Brother

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She told them they were terrible humans, and that they should be ashamed of themselves!

She said it didn’t matter if her brother wanted to wear makeup, and they were just having some fun at the end of the day!

She Disowned Them

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She told them that if their first reaction to seeing Tim with makeup on is to call him a slur, she no longer wants to be around them.

The kicker: she told them they no longer have a daughter because of their horrendous reaction.

Grandma Steps In

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She grabbed Tim’s hand, took him to the bathroom, cleaned his face off, and walked him to their grandmother’s house.

They’ve been staying there ever since. After telling their grandma what had happened, she said they were welcome to stay as long as they wanted, and that her dad’s language was unacceptable.

A Loving Grandmother

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Their grandma is on their side entirely. She’s a lovely, quite progressive woman and doesn’t tolerate any hatred – especially when directed at her family.

Her Mom Doesn’t Realise What She Did Wrong

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OP’s mother, playing the victim, phoned her a few days later.

She said that what her daughter had said really hurt her feelings, but her daughter retorted that what she and her father had said had hurt Tim’s feelings.

Her Mom Is Too Stuck in Her Ways

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This reply annoyed her mom, and she said that her son needed “to grow up and man up” and that what her dad called him “is just a word!”

The girl couldn’t continue the conversation and had to hang up, as she was getting too angry.

This Sister Is So Accepting

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She sat down and spoke with Tim and her grandma, and talked about different genders, being gender fluid and non-binary.

She told her brother he doesn’t need to identify as any of them if he doesn’t want to, but if he ever needed any more information on any of it, she’d like to help him out. Her grandma agreed.

Her Grandma Offered Them a Lifeline

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Her grandma has told her that she and Tim are welcome to live with her for as long as they want.

As she’s 16, she can move out of her parent’s house without any legal trouble, but she’s worried about her brother as he’s only 14.

She’s scared that they’ll force him to move back in with them, which will make Tim feel awful. And she’s also terrified that they might try and make them cut contact.

Their Dad Couldn’t Care Less

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Since they moved into their grandma’s, their dad has not attempted to contact them.

Threats From Her Mom

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Other than the previously mentioned phone call, their mom also messaged her a second time recently.

She said that they had two weeks to come home, or she’ll call the police to stop them from seeing their grandma!

Their Cousin Has Their Back

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Luckily, her second cousin is a lawyer and is ready to fight for their custody. All the family members aware of the story are on their side.

Did She Go Too Far?

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OP feels as though she went too far when she told her parents that they no longer have a daughter, but she also feels like they were out of order for using a slur about their 14-year-old son.

She had to ask whether she was in the wrong.

She Was a Great Sister

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Reddit users thought this 16-year-old was not wrong.

They thought the dad was in the wrong for using the language he used and both parents acted poorly, shouting at their 14-year-old son.

They Support Her

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The top-voted Redditor said, “You stand up for your brother…you’re doing the right thing 😉👍”

Another Redditor agreed. Their verdict was “I am so proud of you for standing up for your brother! I’d do the same for my own! You protected your brother, you are being a king and caring sister who is looking out for her sibling.”

What do you think about this story? She stood up for her brother when her parents acted homophobic, but do you think she should have respected her elders’ wishes?

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