She Refused to Raise Her Cheating Dad’s Love Child When He and His Affair Partner Got Killed

A young woman took to Reddit to ask for opinions after she refused to raise her half sister when their dad died. Her family turned on her for that decision, and it was just the latest in a long line of assaults and insults. Here is her full story.

He Tore the Family Apart

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OP is a 30-year-old woman with 28-year-old twin brothers.

Six years ago, her parents got a divorce after her father cheated on her mother.

She Tried to Forget About Them

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After the divorce, OP’s dad married his affair partner, but not before the other woman gave birth to a daughter.

Since then, OP has not had as little as possible to do with her father and her new half sister.

They Picked Up the Pieces

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But OP lives with her mother, who has a number of health issues, and helps take care her.

She’s also remained close to her brothers, who live nearby.

Another Family Tragedy

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A few weeks ago, OP got a call to let her know that her father and stepmother had been killed in a car accident.

In the immediate aftermath, her 7-year-old half sister went to live with her dad’s parents, who are also OP’s grandparents.

They Wanted Her to Take the Kid

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As the dust started to settle, though, the grandparents came to OP and asked her to take in the little girl and raise her.

It was a shocking request that OP refused outright!

She’s Never Wanted Children

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OP has been very honest with her family that she never wants to have children, and she’s not about to make an exception for her half sister.

She’s Got Enough Going On

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Besides, OP says, she has her hands full taking care of her mother.

And she herself is working through some issues caused by her dad’s infidelity and her parent’s divorce!

She’s Not Welcome With Them

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OP doesn’t think she would be a suitable caretaker for a little girl, and she doesn’t want the hassle of dealing with children in her life.

Her mother has also made it very clear that she does not want the girl in her house.

They Don’t Care What She Wants

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But despite her protests and knowing her stance on kids in general, OP’s family began putting a lot of pressure on her.

They Tried to Guilt Her

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They said that OP is the closest relative her half sister has, and they thought she would make a good mother figure.

They laid the guilt on thick, telling OP that she couldn’t leave the little girl without a place to live.

They Got Downright Nasty

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And when OP stood her ground and pointed out that she didn’t even know her half sister, the family upped their game.

They started harassing and even threatening OP and her mom!

She Has Bodyguards

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It got so bad that OP considered calling the police, but her brothers came to stay at her place for a while instead.

Now the two young men are standing guard to fend off any of their dad’s family members who might show up at the door.

The Old Folks Can’t Do It

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OP understands that her 70-something grandparents are too old to raise a little girl, and she doesn’t think it’s fair for anyone to ask them to.

She’s Not the Only Choice

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But OP also thinks there are plenty of other people who could take in the little girl.

Her dad has other family, the same ones who are pressuring her to take the girl.

They Disowned Her

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And the mother’s family could take the girl in, too, but OP thinks they pretty much disowned the dead woman when they found out she broke up a marriage.

She’s Exhausted but Determined

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Now, OP is frazzled and tired of fighting with her family. But she still has no intention of taking in her half sister.

She’s Going to Stop Them in Their Tracks

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OP is concerned that her family will just end up dumping the girl on her doorstep some day, so she’s considering bringing in Child Protective Services before that happens.

Overall, she just wants to move on with her child-free life.

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