She Refused to Invite Her Maid of Honor’s Poly Partners to the Wedding

A bride-to-be drew fire from Redditors recently when she revealed that she decided not to invite her maid of honor’s poly partners to her wedding. It was just too much for her new husband’s conservative parents to bear! Here is the full story.

They’re Working on the Big Day

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OP is a 25-year-old woman in the middle of preparing for her wedding to her 32-year-old fiance.

Her 25-year-old best friend and maid of honor have helped her every step along the way.

It’s Complicated

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The maid of honor has been in a relationship with a now-24-year-old man for 5 years.

In that time, they added two more partners to their relationship – a 27-year-old man and a 22-year-old nonbinary individual.

She Loved Her No Matter What

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OP has never quite understood how her friend made the complicated, multi-person relationship work, but it didn’t really matter. They were besties and always would be.

He Had Other Ideas

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…or at least that’s what OP thought, until her future husband came to her just before they were set to send out invitations.

She Was a Problem

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The fiance explained to OP that he loved her maid of honor like a sister, but he wasn’t thrilled about her poly relationship.

And, since his family was extremely conservative, he knew they wouldn’t understand at all.

He Didn’t Want Them There

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So OP’s fiance told her that he didn’t want to invite the maid of honor’s 3 partners to their wedding.

He wanted to avoid having to explain their love life to his family..

She Wanted to Make Him Happy

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OP had already reserved 4 spots for her maid of honor’s group at the wedding, and she was surprised by her future hubby’s request.

But she wanted to make him happy, so she agreed.

She Hid the Awful Truth

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To make matters worse, OP didn’t have the heart to tell her friend the truth, so she kept it to herself.

Was There a Mistake?

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But when the invites went out, the maid of honor called OP right away.

She wanted to know why her invite didn’t include a plus-3 for her partners.

She Was Stunned

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That’s when OP had no choice but to break the news that her best friend’s partners would not be invited to the wedding.

Her maid of honor went silent on the other end of the line, then just hung up.

They Would “Behave”

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It didn’t take long before the friend’s partners were on the phone, with one of them begging OP to reconsider.

He promised that the 4 guests would not act like they were in a relationship so they didn’t make anyone uncomfortable.

They Wanted to Support Her

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They just all cared for OP and the maid of honor, and they wanted to celebrate the wedding.

But OP could hear the other partners in the background, and they weren’t quite as soft-spoken about their feelings.

She Was Out

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OP stood her ground, though, and told her friend’s partners that they couldn’t come to the wedding.

That ended the conversation for the moment, but her maid of honor texted the next day to say she wouldn’t be coming, either.

They Were Wrong

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In a follow-up, OP said that she and her future husband spent some time talking through the situation afterwards, and both felt awful about it.

She Had to Beg

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They ended up calling the maid of honor to apologize, and OP re-invited her and her 3 partners to the wedding.

It took some coaxing, but they finally agreed to come.

She May Have Ruined It All

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OP isn’t sure the relationship will ever be the same, though, and she still feels like a jerk for what she put her friend through.

Redditors wholeheartedly agree that OP and her fiance were completely out of line in this situation.

They can’t believe that he would ask his future wife to stiff her maid of honor. They were even more shocked that OP agreed to his wishes in the first place.

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