She Landed Her Friend’s Daughter to the Hospital After They Had Too Much Fun

A distraught young woman took to Reddit after she landed her friend’s daughter in the hospital following a girls’ day out. What she didn’t know about the girl was disastrous for both of them. Here is the full story.

She’s a Little Bored

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OP is a young woman with some time on her hands while she waits for college to start.

She doesn’t have a job, either, so she spends many days waiting for something to happen.

She Needed Some Help

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Her wish came true recently when a 22-year-old friend and her 3-year-old daughter showed up on OP’s doorstep.

The other woman had an emergency to take care of, and she needed OP to watch the little girl.

She Was Happy to Do It

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Since she really wasn’t busy, as usual, OP was happy to watch after her friend’s daughter.

She already knew the little girl as a sweet kid, and they always got along.

It Would Be a Breeze

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Besides, OP’s friends brought plenty of books and toys, and she was only going to be gone for a few hours.

But She Already Had Plans

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There was one wrinkle, though, because OP actually did have plans for once.

She had been just about ready to head out to the movies when her friend showed up.

They Were Going on an Adventure

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OP decided that a trip out on the town would be perfect for her and the little girl, so they headed out.

They Had a Blast

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First, OP took her friend’s daughter to the movies, and they enjoyed watching the flick together.

It was a nice enough day, and they were having fun, so OP decided to stop at a local park.

She Wanted a Treat

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At the park, OP and the little girl walked and played, and their good time continued.

OP thought she’d be a nice babysitter and treat the kid to some ice cream.

Things Went South

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They both enjoyed their treat, and then OP decided it was finally time to head home.

That’s when their fun day hit a snag.

She Was Sick

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Back at OP’s place, her friend’s daughter said she didn’t feel too well.

Then she started throwing up. 

Her Mom Wouldn’t Answer

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And then, when the girl broke out in a rash, OP called her friend.

But the girl’s mother didn’t pick up, and OP started to panic.

It Was an Emergency

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OP had never dealt with a kid getting sick so suddenly, so she loaded the girl up and took her to the hospital.

They Were Stuck 

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As it turned out, the little girl was mildly allergic to dairy products and reacting to the ice cream OP bought her.

Antihistamines started to make her feel better, but the two of them were stuck in the hospital for hours.

She Was off the Grid

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In the meantime, OP kept trying to call the girl’s mom, but there was no answer.

She Was Furious

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When the other woman finally did pick up hours later, OP told her what happened.

Her friend rushed to the hospital and then had some choice words for OP.

She Accused Her of Terrible Things

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OP’s friend accused her of trying to kill her daughter and said she should have known better than to give her dairy.

But OP insisted she had no idea about the allergy.

She Tried to Make It Better

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There was no reasoning with the worked up mother, but OP has tried to smooth it over.

She Made a Peace Offering

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OP has apologized over and over, and she sent cards and a gift to the little girl. 

She’s Bad Mouthing Her Everywhere

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But OP’s friend refused to speak to her, and she was also telling their mutual friends that OP hurt her daughter on purpose.

They All Turned on Her

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Now they’re all ganging up on OP, calling her irresponsible and saying that she can’t be trusted around children.

No One Told Her!

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OP feels terrible about the whole incident, but she doesn’t see how it was her fault. Her friend or even the little girl could have told her about the allergy.

Someone Should Have Told Her

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Redditors overwhelmingly support OP here, with many echoing her feeling that someone should have told her about the allergy.

Her Mother Should Have Been Available

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Many point out that the little girl’s mother should have been reachable at all times. They can’t understand how a mother just drops off their kid and then refuses to answer a call from their babysitter.

Mostly, commenters think OP should stop beating herself up and just enjoy getting ready for college.

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