She Kicked Her Mother-In-Law Out of Her House for Trying to Starve Her Daughter

A distraught mother took to Reddit looking for opinions after she kicked her mother-in–law out of her house for starving her 10-year-old daughter. The following story is a lot to swallow if you don’t like a certain musky veggie-like food.

They’re Her Kryptonite

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OP and her husband have a 10-year-old daughter who is a good kid and generally not a picky eater.

But the girl absolutely cannot stand anything about mushrooms.

She’d Rather Starve

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If there is even the hint of a mushroom in her food OP’s daughter will go hungry rather than try to choke it down.

It’s a long-running food issue for her, and everyone in the family knows about it.

She Does More than Her Share

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Besides the three of them, OP’s mother-in-law also lives with the family.

For the most part, having her around has been a godsend because she pitches in to help so much with her granddaughter.

She Can’t Count on Them

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Both OP and her husband work in the medical field, and they have the type of unpredictable schedules that so many healthcare professionals have to deal with.

They’re usually not home for dinner, which means their daughter can’t count on them to make a meal for her.

Dinner Is Always Served

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And that’s one of the areas where OP’s mother-in-law has been so helpful.

The older woman makes dinner for her granddaughter every night like clockwork, and the girl’s parents don’t have to worry about a thing.

She Went Out on the Town

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One night recently, though, both OP and her husband happened to have the evening off at the same time.

So they decided to make dinner together, which gave grandma the chance to go out with some friends.

She Had a Tale to Tell

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When she saw her parents making dinner, OP’s daughter started crying and begged them to stay home with her every night.

She said that her grandmother was starving her when they weren’t around.

She Needed Details

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Confused by what her daughter could possibly be talking bout, OP pressed the girl for details.

It Was Like a Restaurant

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It seems that OP’s mother-in-law had indeed been cooking dinner for her granddaughter every night.

She served up quite a variety, too, from hamburgers to risotto to pasta.

Eat This or Starve

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The problem was, every single dish the older woman served to OP’s daughter had mushrooms in it.

And when the girl refused to eat, her grandmother would tell that was fine, but that she wasn’t getting any other food the rest of the night.

She Went to Bed Hungry

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So, night after night, OP’s daughter ended up going to bed with no dinner, starving until morning.

She Was Proud of Herself

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OP was furious and confronted her mother-in-law as soon as she came back from her night out with friends.

The older woman admitted that everything her granddaughter had said was true, and she seemed proud of that fact.

It Was Tough Love

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OP’s mother-in-law said that her granddaughter needed to grow up and get over her stupid phobia of mushrooms. When OP accused her of starving the little girl, her mother-in-law just said it was tough love.

She Attacked Her Motherhood

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And then OP’s mother-in-law turned the tables on her, saying she was a crappy mother because she put her job ahead of her kid.

She said OP should spend some time trying to help her daughter get over her silly fear of a simple vegetable.

She Tossed Her Out on Her Ear

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That was the end of the line for OP, who told her mother-in-law to get out of her house.

She said that no one would disrespect her in her own house, especially someone who was mistreating her daughter.

She Didn’t Go Quietly

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OP’s mother-in-law left the house, but she had some choice words on the way out!

They’re All Attacking

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Now, OP and her husband are getting bombarded by calls and texts from his sisters and mother.

They’re furious that OP booted her mother-in-law, and they say the little girl needs to get over herself.

She Betrayed Them All

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But OP can’t stand the thought of what her mother-in-law did to her daughter, and she doesn’t know when she’ll get over the betrayal, if ever.

It’s Almost Unbelievable

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Redditors can hardly believe this story, and almost all of them think the mother-in-law is the problem here. For whatever reason, she’s decided to jump into a power play with a 10-year-old girl.

Most commenters think that it’s wrong to try and force a child to eat food they don’t like, too.

She Was Protecting Her Daughter

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And, while some agree that OP’s actions were harsh, most of them think she was justified for protecting her daughter.

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