She Had to Deal With Not One but THREE Karens, but Her Revenge Was as Delicious as It Was Subtle

A steadfast front desk agent had quite the night dealing with the antics of not just one, but three Karens. In the world of hospitality, the Karens are often synonymous with trouble, especially when coupled with online travel agencies. Let’s have a look at what happened!

Sundown Showdown

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It was 10:40pm, a night brimming with non-stop action for the original poster (OP).

Then, three women walked in. It was unmistakable – they were “Karens.”

A Demand for a Switch-up

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They claimed to have booked two single rooms and were requesting an upgrade to a double room.

Here was the first hiccup – OP’s hotel had been sold out of single rooms all day!

Denial and Accusations

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The leader of the group was adamant about their booking, denying any error on her part.

She was so convinced that she snapped at OP, asserting that the hotel’s website showed room availability.

The Mysterious No-Show

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Much to OP’s dismay, these ladies weren’t even on the arrivals list.

But they insisted on their booking, stirring up a ruckus about switching rooms.

Roundabout Ruckus

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Despite OP’s repeated requests for their license and phone number to check the reservations, they pressed on about switching rooms.

After a tug of war, they finally shared their itinerary number, but it turned out to be useless.

Unraveling the Mess

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Once OP had their phone number, the reservations were located. Two single rooms were indeed booked, but for a future date.

Karen’s reaction? A classic explosion of disbelief and rage!

Blame Game

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The head Karen insisted the booking was messed up by the hotel and demanded that OP honor the originally claimed rate and room type.

OP offered them the option to cancel and book afresh.

Deal or No Deal

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Under pressure from her Karen comrades, the ringleader finally gave in, allowing OP to cancel their wrong-date reservations.

Sweet Taste of Justice

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For their new booking, they had to cough up the full rate for two double rooms – the only room type left.

The cherry on top? OP made sure to place them right across from the second-floor elevator, ensuring they’d have to deal with the noise all night.

Now, that’s what we call cosmic payback!

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