She Got Some Petty Revenge on a Woman Who Complained About a Parking Spot Thief!

In this story, Kylie and her sister Kim find themselves locked in a parking spot feud with a nightmare colleague. Let’s see how it pans out.

Kylie and Kim’s Shared Office

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Kylie and her sister Kim found themselves sharing the same office at work. The building was colossal, complete with back, front, and side parking lots to accommodate its massive workforce of over 700 individuals!

Divided into various office units, Kylie and Kim worked in adjacent units situated on the same side of the building.

Naturally, they both favored the convenience of the side parking lot, which happened to be closer to their respective offices.

Early Bird 

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For years, Kylie had established a routine. She would arrive at work bright and early, starting her shift at 6:00 am and finishing at 2:30 pm.

As the early bird, Kylie had grown accustomed to snagging the best parking spot in the side lot, securing a prime location just steps away from her office door. 

This arrangement worked perfectly. . . until the unexpected arrival of COVID-19, which thrust Kylie into a two-year work-from-home scenario.

Selena’s Claim to Kylie’s Parking Spot

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Now, let’s focus on Selena, a colleague who happened to work in the same unit as Kim.

While Kylie remained nestled in the comfort of her home office, Selena took advantage of the vacant parking spot Kylie had regularly occupied.

With no remote work option available to her, Selena claimed the spot as her own until mid-2022, when everyone was required to return to the office.

Beef Over the Parking Spot

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Upon Kylie’s return on her first day back, Selena couldn’t contain her frustration and vented to Kim about someone “taking her spot.”

It’s worth noting that Selena had no assigned parking spot. Her insistence on reserving the space as her personal territory quickly became a source of beef.

Selena’s Complaint

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Kim, fully aware of Kylie’s usual parking routine and Selena’s new bone to pick, kept silent while Selena ranted about the audacity of someone parking in “her spot.”

One morning, Selena tried to beat the parking spot thief and arrived at 5:55 am, but Kylie had already taken the spot. This INFURIATED Selena!

Taking Credit That Wasn’t Hers

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Kim wasted no time in relaying Selena’s complaint to Kylie. Kylie had no warm feelings toward Selena for a multitude of reasons.

Not only did she always exhibit rude and entitled behavior, but she also consistently shirked her responsibilities, forcing the rest of their unit, especially Kim, to pick up the slack.

As if that weren’t enough, Selena had even shamelessly taken credit for Kim’s work!

Kylie’s Mischievous Plan

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Driven by a sense of mischief and a desire to counteract Selena’s rude attitude, Kylie hatched a plan. 

The Cunning Strategy

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The next morning, she left home even earlier than usual, aiming to arrive at the office before Selena could stake her claim on the disputed parking spot.

She usually departed at 5:30 am and reached her destination by 5:50 am, but Kylie adjusted her schedule this morning, leaving at 5:25 am and arriving at 5:45 am. 

Selena arrived and found herself in the same predicament, grumbling about someone parking in her spot despite her early arrival.

The Battle Escalates

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Kylie continued her cunning strategy, fueled by Selena’s determination to leave even earlier the following day.

Each time Selena vowed to outwit the parking spot thief, the ever-resourceful Kylie would adjust her schedule accordingly, arriving a few minutes earlier with a subtle smirk on her face.

As an added bonus, the early departure granted Kylie the luxury of avoiding rush hour traffic.

Extra Tactics

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Granted, parking a single car away may not seem like a significant inconvenience, but it wasn’t merely about the physical act.

Kylie’s motivation stemmed from Selena’s rude attitude and the knowledge that it deeply bothered her. And Kylie had more tricks up her sleeve.

She decided to alter her approach to doctor’s appointments. Instead of scheduling them in the mornings and heading to work afterward, Kylie purposely booked her appointments in the afternoons.

This clever maneuver ensured that she could park in the disputed spot before Selena arrived, carrying on the revenge.

The sight of Selena grumbling from a distance brought a satisfying sense of glee to Kylie’s day.

Seizing the Opportunity

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But the story doesn’t end there. Fate intervened, offering Kylie the option to work from home a few days a week.

Given this newfound flexibility, Kylie seized the opportunity to add another layer to her revenge scheme.

She turned to her sister Kim, gathering insider information on Selena’s office attendance.

Armed with this knowledge, Kylie cleverly aligned her office days with Selena’s, ensuring that their paths would cross and their parking battle would continue.

Going the Extra Mile

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And if that wasn’t enough, Kylie took it a step further.

When faced with the need to attend appointments that required her to be late for work, she deliberately scheduled them for the mornings on one of Selena’s designated work-from-home days!

It was a deliciously calculated move that further compounded Selena’s frustration.

A Satisfying Result

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Now, whenever Kylie wraps up her workday and makes her way to the parking lot, a mischievous smile graces her face.

There, parked on the other side of the car park, is Selena’s car.

A year had passed since the feud began, but Selena was still complaining, oblivious to the extent of Kylie’s orchestrated revenge!

Parking Payback

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In the end, Kylie found solace and amusement in her parking payback. Selena’s entitlement and perpetual complaints had met their match.

The battle for a parking spot had evolved into a testament to Kylie’s determination, resourcefulness, and ability to turn the tables on someone who had taken credit for her sister’s work and contributed little to the team.

What do you think of this extra-long slice of petty revenge? What would you have done in Kylie’s situation?

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