She Got Abused for Posting Videos of Her Breastfeeding Journey on TikTok

In a viral video, one mother recently posted an emotional video of her child trying to reach underneath her top to breastfeed, while the mother refuses, an act that has led to shocking backlash on social media from mostly male users. In a follow-up video, she also shows the disgraceful comments thrown at her for posting her breastfeeding journey on TikTok.

Abused for Showing Every Mother’s Struggle

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One TikTok mum, known as Emma (A_mothers_tale), recently found herself at the center of hate comments after opening up about her breastfeeding journey with her 2-year-old son.

Emotional Video Shows Mum Weaning Her Child

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In a heartfelt video, Emma showed the difficulties of weaning her toddler off breastfeeding. 

Son Visibly Confused as Mum Backs Off

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The emotional footage captured her son’s effort to breastfeed, even going as far as pulling up Emma’s shirt. 

Emma’s refusal left her son visibly confused.

Important Information on Breastfeeding

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The video showed text that said “Week 1 of weaning got us like…,” 

“Weaning” means to guide an infant onto other feeding methods besides breast milk.

Going Viral for a “Normal” Act

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To Emma’s astonishment, the video quickly gained momentum, amassing over two million views and attracting approximately 3,000 comments. 

Fuelled by Hatred as TikTok Reacts

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Many of these comments were filled with harsh judgments and criticisms directed at Emma.

They questioned her decision to breastfeed her son at such a late age. 

Disgraceful Comments Left by Users

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One insensitive comment read, “Did he put down his beer for that milk?” 

Another sarcastically remarked, “You go to school with him today?”

Bravely Standing Up for Herself in Follow-up Video

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Unable to ignore the hurtful remarks, Emma bravely shared a follow-up video addressing the negativity and urging people to normalise “natural term breastfeeding.” 

Shocking Truth Revealed as Mum Shows Hateful Backlash

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The next video began with the text “when you post a video on TikTok of you weaning your 2-year-old son and wake up to this…,” 

Then she shows an overwhelming number of abusive comments from her previous video. 

Heartless Comments Leave Mum Down but Not Broken

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Messages like “Don’t wanna see this,” and “You have issues,” to which Emma defiantly replied to with, “No you do.”

Another user put, “Not even funny” plus lots more that flooded the screen.

Hitting Back at Controversial Remarks

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“The judgment was/is shocking,” Emma expressed in her response.

Breastfeeding in public and openly sharing breastfeeding experiences have become highly debatable topics in recent years. 

A Glimmer of Hope?

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Fortunately, amidst the negativity, a glimmer of support shone through as other mothers rallied around Emma, offering words of encouragement and sharing their own similar experiences. 

Mums Bravely Share Their Own Experiences

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One compassionate comment read, “I’m still nursing my 3-year-old, and I get weird looks ALL the time. Brush it off, momma. You are doing great!” 

Another mother shared her own journey, saying, “I breastfed my son for over two years! Best decision I ever made!”

Get Involved!

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Every mother should have the freedom to make her own decisions about breastfeeding and when it’s time to stop.

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