She Flew Across the Country to a City She’d Never Been to, but Her Date Ghosted Her Anyway

In a series of heartbreaking TikTok videos, one user explains how she flew to the other side of the country for a date, only to realize he had fled the date while she was taking a nap. She reveals after checking into a hotel she had dozed off, and when she woke up he had fled the scene, even stealing her vodka! His excuse didn’t go down well, and TikTok has reacted!

He Took “Ghosting” to a New Level

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TikToker Samantha, known as @sdenoyer, recently shared her gut-wrenching tale of meeting a guy who took “ghosting” to a whole new level by vanishing while she took a nap.

An Instant Connection?

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It all started when Samantha received a DM from a guy, Tom, who had a mutual friend. 

Intrigued by his vibes, they decided to take things to the next level and Facetime. 

Taking Things to the Next Level

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After some virtual bonding, they made plans to meet in person, leading Samantha to fly across the country for their date.

From the comfort of her hotel room, Samantha filmed a TikTok video to spill the tea on what happened. 

Revealing the Shocking Truth About Her Date

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She wrote, “I flew across the country to meet a date – when I woke up from a nap he was gone along with all of his stuff.”

The camera pans to display an empty room.

Heartbreaking Messages Show Confusion and Despair

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At the end of the video, Samantha reveals the heartbreaking texts she sent to Tom.

The screenshot of the phone shows 8 messages to which Tom doesn’t reply. 

Demanding Answers in These Shocking Messages

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One message says, “You could’ve done this earlier so I could’ve changed my flight.”

“I hope you have the decency to at least text me back bc this is crazyyyyy,” she writes.

She Couldn’t Believe What He Put Her Through!

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The gut-wrenching chain of messages ends with Samantha saying, “Like im in a city i’ve literally never been to and I bought my flight here and you just leave?”

Shocking Truth Revealed in Tearful Follow-up Video

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In a follow-up video, Samantha revealed that after their conversations, they decided to spend two nights together. 

The first night, she stayed at Tom’s house, and the following morning they checked into a hotel.

Terrible Twist as She Accidentally Fell Asleep Mid-Date!

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They enjoyed brunch and played board games before an even more shocking twist occurred!

Tom spent a large amount of time in the bathroom resulting in Samantha dozing off, only to wake up thirty minutes later discovering his duffle bag missing, along with her vodka. 

Disgruntled and Desperate for Help

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Determined to find answers, Samantha called and messaged her date, even reaching out to their mutual friend for assistance. 

He hung up on her once he realised it was her. 

Classic “Family Emergency” Excuse Leaves Her Doubtful

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45 minutes later, he messaged Samantha, citing a “family emergency” as the reason for his abrupt departure. 

Not Very Convincing?

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Samantha wondered why her date had taken vodka to a family emergency and why he ignored her calls. 

Her date never responded to her messages, leaving Samantha bewildered by the lack of closure. 

Heartbreaking Confession as She’s Left Bewildered

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As she prepared to leave for the airport, she summed up her ordeal, saying, “Long story short, he never texted me back after all those texts on my last TikTok. I am so confused.”

TikTok Are Outraged

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One suggested, “I’d post his picture, put it out there so his wife can see what he’s up to.”

Another suggested a revenge plan, saying, “If he paid for the hotel, I would have run his bill the HELL up with room service, call it an inconvenience fee.”

A Mix of Opinions Online

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Samantha’s followers were clearly confused, “who raises people like this?! my sons better nevvver!”

One insensitive comment said, “Damn you are hella desperate.”

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