She Demanded That Her Husband Cough up the Money After He Destroyed Her Daughter’s Piano

A distraught mother sparked outrage on Reddit when she revealed that she had been forcing her husband to buy her daughter a new piano. The story behind the demand was even more shocking than it initially sounded! Here is the full saga.

A Blended Family in Discord

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OP had been with her husband for two and a half years, sharing a 13-year-old daughter from her previous marriage.

A Healing Melody

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Her daughter had a deep interest in music, with the piano being her favored instrument.

The girl found solace in playing, and OP saw this as a beautiful way for her to express her emotions.

Echoes of the Past

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OP’s first husband had passed away when her daughter was merely seven, and the young girl felt a profound connection with her deceased father when she played the piano.

A Family’s Encouragement

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OP and the girl’s grandparents had nurtured this passion, even purchasing an expensive piano that the girl adored.

A Discordant Note

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But OP’s husband didn’t share this enthusiasm, causing tension within the family.

A Potential Distraction?

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He was under the impression that the piano distracted his stepdaughter from her schoolwork and openly refused to support her musical journey.

A Strained Harmony

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His constant griping about the piano made keeping the peace within the family challenging for OP.

A Stand Taken

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After a particular incident, OP had reached her limit and had a serious discussion with her husband about his attitude towards her daughter’s passion.

A Shocking Ultimatum

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A recent situation had escalated the tension when OP’s husband gave an ultimatum, fueled by his frustration over being disturbed by the girl’s playing.

A Promise Kept, but Not in a Good Way

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He had shockingly made good on his promise, leading to the piano’s untimely end at a junkyard during OP’s absence.

A Dream Crushed

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Her husband had not only removed the piano but destroyed it completely, leaving OP furious and her daughter heartbroken.

A Deadline Set

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OP demanded her husband replace the piano within two days, a time limit that left him scrambling.

Excuses Won’t Cut It

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The husband had apologized and agreed to replace the piano, but his funds were limited.

He suggested using his savings intended for a business venture, which OP disregarded as an excuse.

A Mother’s Resolve

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Despite his pleas for a four-month grace period, OP refused to compromise, not willing to let her daughter suffer any longer.

External Pressure

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Even when faced with pressure from her husband’s family, OP remained firm in her stance, despite accusations of her potentially ruining his career.

An Unyielding Stance

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OP held her ground, although she wondered if she was being unreasonable.

Reddit users overwhelmingly supported OP’s stance in this situation. They criticized her husband’s behavior and agreed that he should replace the piano immediately.

No Sympathy for This Rotten Man

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Redditors did not show any sympathy for her husband’s savings plan and believed the funds should be used solely to replace the piano.

Many encouraged OP to reassess her relationship, with some advising her to leave immediately. They feared that it might only be a matter of time before her husband escalated his behavior even further.

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